New Orleans 23

Couldn’t find a better thread to put this on so guess will make this one. Went to NOLA for my bday and Jazz Fest. Great food of course.

Killer Po Boys (actually not my favorite po boy spot but worked at the time), shrimp and pork belly.

Late night Cafe du Monde:

Jazz Fest:
Crawfish Strudel (so good):

Crawfish Monica (everyone kept telling us we had to have this but the 3 of us all agreed we liked the strudel better)

Wings from the Will and the Way (2 people in our group said they were the best wings they’ve ever had):

Will add the rest of the trip later. Too tired ha


Forgot to add the rest of the trip.


Cornbread (very good):

Shrimp Remoulade on Fried Green Tomatoes (me and my gf loved these while the other person didn’t as much):

Spicy Crab and Dumplings (don’t remember it being too spicy but this was a nice dish):

Hen of the Woods Mushrooms and Grits with Mustard Greens Persillade and some other sauce I forget (so good, the grits were a thicker grind and just great):


Jewel of the South (these photos aren’t the best cause it was so dark back there)

Wagyu Beef Tongue (was like a great tongue pastrami):


Hamachi Tartare, Sweetbreads, Buffalo Mayonnaise (hamachi and sweetbreads are two of my favorite things to eat, so I loved this):

Quail, Foie, Morels (how can this not be good):

Nice place and excellent cocktails as well.


That is one heck of a snowload of powdered sugar on the beignets!

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That’s how they serve them down here. Best to wear a white shirt when you eat them, because whatever you’re wearing will end up with powdered sugar all over it no matter how careful you think you’re being!


On the other hand, if you’re wearing something dark, as you walk around many will be smiling at you, knowing how much fun you were having.


Ya, there is powdered sugar everywhere. I always make a dad joke (I’m not a dad or that old but Scarface…) about Tony Montana owning the joint. At first, I cared about not getting too much on me, but as @ BoneAppetite says, at some point I stopped caring cause everyone just knows you went there.

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Visited my best friends from college who were in NO at the time. Can confirm that Cafe du Monde’s beignets come equipped with Dark Clothes Seeking Powered Sugar. Even if you carefully knock off most of it as soon as you take a bite there’s an explosion of it.


Had to go to Turkey and the Wolf cause why not.

Collard Greens Melt (pretty good, it’s a good sandwich like it sounds):

Fried Fake Chicken Sandwich (really good):


That’s all the photos I have from this trip. Went to Verti Marte one late late night. Got a few things. Wish we had anything close to that here open all hours.

Great food, great trip, can’t wait for the next one.

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Im curious. What made the strudel better than the Monica – what sort of seasoning or ingedient difference?

I’m going in September and have been taking notes!

I’m not the person who posted that assertion but I agree with it. Crawfish Monica is pasta with cream sauce and some crawfish in it. It’s good, because how can pasta with cream sauce NOT be good, but Jazz Fest crawfish strudel is good on another level. It’s as oily as a Gulf beach after a BP spill, but somehow that’s a positive. The crawfish-cheese filling arrives in your mouth at a temperature just shy of molten lava, but somehow you manage to eat the whole thing in less than five minutes. The pastry is super flaky and delicious. It is just supremely satisfying, wildly unhealthy, and exactly what you want to eat.


Ah! Thanks.

We’re here!

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Have a fantastic time exploring new horizons.
Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Thank you! Started a new thread.