NJ shrimp, what are your favorite dishes?

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How did I not know this was a thing?


It might be new. I saw a commercial and appparently you get a sirloin and ayce shrimp. I feel like chowing down on on shrimp. I might try to get here soon. I am not a chain guy really but ayce sounds interesting.

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I’m sure it’s all frozen shrimp. But for 20 bucks; a decent steak and ayce shrimp is amazing esp deep fried and sauced. I need to find time foR this despite the inevitable slow walk I’m sure comes once you’ve gone over some number.
It’s too bad our own esteemed eating champion has retired from the circuit after putting that poor Greek restaurant out of business with his amazing prowess, I would have liked to see if he was up for the task.


Yes almost all shrimp we get here are frozen. The only fresh ones I see are from the pacific and from central American countries. I never see fresh gulf shrimp up here or Florida pinks.

As for Bob, I’m sure he would make the outback pay! Maybe we can round up the " he men" group and give this a shot.

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Jesus, neither of you tagged me and yet I still find this!!! Lol Hey I will do a shrimp or fish eating contest, I’m just officially retired from meat eating challenges. (Wait, is there such a thing as the shrimp sweats??)

I’m honestly ashamed to admit I went to Red Lobster about 6 weeks ago for “shrimp fest”, all you can eat. I was a bit disappointed that the majority of the offerings were shrimp /pasta combos.

I’ll do outback just let me know!

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I’ll start shorting the parent company today based on prior results


I’m down to try the outback ayce Jr. Just let me know. Maybe you can round up a few people. I’m not too good at rounding up a party. :smile:


I live on the Gulf Coast and have no problem with frozen Gulf shrimp as fresh only last a couple of days at best. I usually buy fresh off the dock but it is difficult to tell the difference between fresh and properly frozen Gulf shrimp and I’ve been eating it all my life.

I’m more concerned with farm raised which I won’t do and am certain all the ayce is farm raised. I’ve given up eating shrimp in Chinese restaurants for this reason, in fact the Wifeacita and I agree we’re shrimped out and haven’t eaten any all year despite abundant availability and low prices.

This will come to a crashing halt as we’ll be in Galveston soon but the focus will be on oysters, crab, and fish in that order with shrimp being a distant fourth.


Have a few crabs for me on your journey!

So do you guys eat a lot of red shrimp in your area?


Some must because they’re on sale at MY HEB every couple of weeks or so from the Sea of Cortez or Argentina but I’m a Gulf shrimp guy and have never tried the red. MY HEB is the best with prime steaks and a killer seafood department with great selection and prices especially on steaks, Bob.

I mentioned no shrimp recently but that’s going to change because we’re going 50 miles out of our way on the way to Galveston for oyster and soft shell crab po boys and some of the best fried shrimp on the planet a la carte, heck even better than mine.

We’ll spend the better part of a week in a motel on the Seawall feasting on fresh seafood before heading to my cousin’s awesome canal home and fresh from the dock Gulf shrimp, fishing at night off the deck.

Crabs! Yes a couple will be consumed in your name at two different places.

We get them BBQ Texas style which is really fried with lots of Cajun seasoning.

I introduced the Wifeacita to the joys and wonders of blue crabs and oysters. She is Hispanic and very frugal and gets every tiny bit of meat out of her crabs and then turns her attention to my leftovers. We bring our own nutcrackers and picks to the table.

There are at least two whole blackened flounders with my name on them.

I wish some of you guys could come down her and I have become fascinated by the Jersey Shore food scene. Does anybody have extra money to burn?

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I haven’t been to an Outback in at least 15 years because they generally suck. That said, I’m willing to give this a try if there is interest. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week work for me. At least I know the company will be good.

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Tuesday is the only day of those mentioned that would work for me.


Hey Jeff. I’m sure it won’t be outstanding but I think outback can put out some decent fried shrimp and scampi…who knows. I haven’t been in a while. I usually don’t do chains but ayce shrimp seems to be an idea.

I’m down for something else if you guys have any ideas. Tuesday works for me as it fits into bob’s schedule too. I haven’t been to any rodizio spots in a while :slight_smile:

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Well, we have three of us, so it’s a go.

Others welcome to join in if they wish. No quality guarantees expressed or implied.

There are Outbacks in Middletown or Old Bridge. I’m ok with either one.

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I’m ok with either location as well.

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Has this so-called AYCE shrimp been verified? If so, then I am in with a preference for Old Bridge.


Hi guys. Don’t let me hold you up. To be realistic, I can get to Middletown probably at 630. To get to old bridge I am looking at 7 to 715.

I don’t want to rain on the parade and I know Dave has an early schedule. So I’ll let you guys work it out and if I can get there, I would love to chow down! I’m also OK with another venue. Ayce shrimp was just an idea :slight_smile:

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Tuesday I’m in for either place anytime. @seal can you do 6/6:30 In Middletown?

Also open invite to any/all others reading this!!