Shrimp Armageddon Ho' Down Tuesday Oct. 23 Outback Steak House Middletown NJ

I haven’t been to an Outback in at least 15 years because they generally suck. That said, I’m willing to give this a try if there is interest. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week work for me. At least I know the company will be good.

Tuesday is the only day of those mentioned that would work for me.

Hey Jeff. I’m sure it won’t be outstanding but I think outback can put out some decent fried shrimp and scampi…who knows. I haven’t been in a while. I usually don’t do chains but ayce shrimp seems to be an idea.

I’m down for something else if you guys have any ideas. Tuesday works for me as it fits into bob’s schedule too. I haven’t been to any rodizio spots in a while :slight_smile:

Well, we have three of us, so it’s a go.

Others welcome to join in if they wish. No quality guarantees expressed or implied.

There are Outbacks in Middletown or Old Bridge. I’m ok with either one.

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I’m ok with either location as well.

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Has this so-called AYCE shrimp been verified? If so, then I am in with a preference for Old Bridge.

Hi guys. Don’t let me hold you up. To be realistic, I can get to Middletown probably at 630. To get to old bridge I am looking at 7 to 715.

I don’t want to rain on the parade and I know Dave has an early schedule. So I’ll let you guys work it out and if I can get there, I would love to chow down! I’m also OK with another venue. Ayce shrimp was just an idea :slight_smile:

Tuesday I’m in for either place anytime. @seal can you do 6/6:30 In Middletown?

Also open invite to any/all others reading this!!

Sorry, I forgot how my early schedule messes things up.

You three guys go so this way @corvette_johnny won’t have a time problem. I will catch the next one.

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I’m good Tuesday anytime after 6 in either location.

Ok, I"m going to make the executive decision here because he who wears the kilt, makes the decision!!!
6:05 pm to try and get @seal to join us @ the Middletown Location since that is more central for the Monmouth County Crew.

@gcaggiano time to make your debut
@corvette_johnny I think this was your idea to begin with
@joonjoon it’s been awhile my friend, ayce shrimp !!
@CurlzNJ are you going to grace us with your presence?
@Metsfan86 Don’t think we have had the pleasure, please join if you can
@jsfein c’mon might not be as exciting as Apella but still a good time
@MsBean it’s been awhile!
@ebchower door is open!
@coldbeer70 They have cold beer!!!
@Oldandtired I think you are CNJ, you are never too old and tired for ayce shrimp!
@eleeper always a pleasure to have you join us

Open invite, I’m sure I’ve overlooked some valued members of the NJ community so please tag whomever else might be interested. This isn’t one of our more culinary centered get together s, but I promise it will be fun. For entertainment I will be telling jokes for $1.00 a joke, $2.00 for funny jokes. I will gorge myself on shrimp for all your enjoyment for free. Priceless!


I’d love to join you, but my ride home from NNJ yesterday took close to 2 hours (UGH)…highly doubt I could be there much before 6:45/7. WAH.

Stop by anyway, I’ll save you some shrimp in my napkin!!

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That’s my plan (stopping by) if I get down there in a timely manner!

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1 dollar jokes folks! How can you resist this? :slight_smile: lol

Thank for invite! I will try my best to make it to a HO event one of these days!
Look forward to meeting all of you at a Mom and Pop joint or a under the radar type place that I never been too.

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If I didn’t have to teach tonight I would definitely come!

(( it’s not tonight it’s Tuesday the 23rd 6pm))

Well I feel better now! @gcaggiano doesn’t even know that I was 4 miles away from the restaurant when I found out it wasn’t tonight . :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Damn I have to work.