NJ shrimp, what are your favorite dishes?

Let’s hear it folks. What are some tasty shrimp dishes? Anything from gangster Chinese shrimp toast to colossal prawns…

Let’s get some pics too :slight_smile:

I was recently in FL and I didn’t quite make it to the spot I wanted to get too (this work thing keeps getting in the way of my eating lol.) Does anyone know of any NJ spots with those 2-3 count madagascar shrimp? I seriously want to try those.

Here are some Tokyo live shrimp brought out in a thumping basket. I had no clue why the basket top was thumping up and down and was kind of freaked out until I saw these beauties…(the order was placed in Japanese so I had no clue what was coming out)

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Hands down, the Hot and Spicy Jumbo Prawns at Chengdu Palace in Green Brook! I ate my weight in those when the chef/owner was in NNJ, and nobody else’s compare.

Yummmm! Please elaborate lol. Any pics?

Those shrimp were put on the hibachi grill alive?

The River House in Brielle has true colossal shrimp for their shrimp cocktail, the largest I’ve seen in the area.

Yes sir. They actually take them and burn the hell out of the tail so they cant flip around. It’s kind of cruel but that’s japan for you. They literally go on the grill alive and flopping around. I had no clue what was in the moving basket until he opened it up. I have some insight on kobe beef too. Let’s say this…PETA would not approve of ANYTHING done to these cows. To put things into comparison, veal cows here live a good life. The BS crap you read about how they live a great life is bogus. They are an amorphous blob but so tasty.

I know you’re a fan of cocktail shrimp and I’ve seen some cool pics! I like them but I just want my shrimp hot. I’ll tank some cocktails but I just think some hot shrimp do it for me.

Is the river house the same spot as the old union house? (I think that was the name but I can’t quite remember)

I’m giving Spain the garlic shrimp award for nj. They get it done with their bread and no frills recipe. I’m kind of splitting hairs here with Newark shrimp, but I believe they are the best.

@joonjoon what’s up bud? Let’s hear it!


I apologize I thought this was specifically geared towards large/jumbo shrimp so I lead with the largest I know.

General shrimp I would say like you I LOVE garlic shrimp at most Portuguese places, like Fernandes. I just had a very good version at Europa in Shrewsbury, definitely had a bit of a “kick” I’m not use to getting with the Portuguese version.

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I haven’t been to the ayce shrimp at RL in a few years. I think I’m ready to go back. I might go this week. Those biscuits are speaking my language. I think ounce for ounce nothing on the planet has more fat except for macadamia nuts lol.

@NotJrvedivici I saw your post on Europa grill. That’s a spot on my radar too.

Here is a funny RL story. A few years ago I went to endless shrimp and had a nice waiter…actually he was outstanding. I tanked a boat load of shrimp and as I go to pay the bill I put my money clip on the table for some reason. I always charge bills but I think I was just emptying my pocket to get to my phone. I have a “new York Stock exchange” money clip. It has “NY$E” engraved on it. The waiter says “wow sir that’s an outrageous money clip. Is ‘NY$E’ your name?” I literally started cracking up and couldn’t contain myself. I’m thinking “yeah dude my name is ‘nice’ spelled with a dollar sign and a y.” I guess I looked like the world’s only fat guy white rapper lol. I can’t make this shit up! My exwife was kind of embarrassed. I didn’t mean to laugh as he was sincere, but I just couldn’t help myself. Good times!


I made some miso ramen with shrimp, wontons & egg today.

They were the 11-15 count wild caught pink Patagonian, which I have been finding at Best Market and Shoptite.

They are delishus. So good. Much better than farmed shrimp.

I think we all need to see this money clip. Or at least hear a few bars from your new album.

Well on the topic of Shrimp in garlic/olive oil, my heart goes out to the version at Portugese Manor in Perth Amboy. I’m sure it’s partly because it’s the first place I had it, but in my opinion theirs really has been tastier than just about everyone else’s I’ve had.

The single shellfish dish that’s really blown me away the most in recent memory is probably the angry lobster and shrimp at Catch in Red Bank. It’s pretty insane how good it is.

Aside from that I really love getting sweet shrimp Sushi with the fried heads. I’d love to hear if anyone knows which places in NJ do this. I’ve literally only had it in 2 places, one was a place around the Highlands that I can’t remember any more, and the other was recently at Oyako in Freehold.

Did you have those live shrimp in Japan? That’s awesome.

Well it’s on.

Insiders guide here.

Yeah those were in tokyo.

Although this place generally has mediocre food, their bacon wrapped shrimp kick ass. They are on special at happy hour too. try these!


I’m laughing out loud thinking of what kind of eating contest we could come up with for JR at RL

Yes, yes, yes!

I thank you to have to show up at a HOdown before you get to challenge him to eating anything!!

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I concur!

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No, no, no !!!

Not unless I can come as the unknown eater…


PS, the bag doubles as a doggy bag for leftovers.


Who has best fried shrimp in Monmouth county?

Good question. The bacon wrapped shrimp on happy hour at salt creek are quite good. I will stand by to see some other votes :slight_smile:

Ps, I believe they flash fry these but they are not breaded.