New Year's Eve in NJ

So what is everyone doing tonight?

On Christmas, we invited my friend over since he was going to be alone. His family does a big celebration in PA every year (and was still doing it this year amidst everything going on-- I’m talking 20+ people for Xmas and Thanksgiving) and he chose to stay home. I invited him, saying that it was no safer dining with the three of us, but at least we can spread out and if you don’t want to be alone, come on over. He did and we had a great time. So for New Year’s Eve, he wanted to return the favor and invited us to his house. He had many years in the restaurant industry, and plans on an extensive appetizer night and rolling out different hors d’oeuvres every hour.

Since this is not a sit down dinner, we will be spread out in his living room (could have been his beautiful heated screenhouse, but the possible rain tonight might make the constant trips to the kitchen difficult.

If we weren’t going to his house, we’d be staying home. COVID aside, I never liked being out on New Year’s Eve. Crowded restaurants, special menus, obnoxious people, etc. Have celebrated it at home every year since I was a child, when my parents and I would go to Poet’s Inn in Matawan (they had a great NYE event every year).


Staying home, watching classic movies (currently TORA! TORA! TORA!), and eating our traditional chips and California dip, cheese and crackers, and M&Ms. Also sparkling white grape juice–I’m saving the sparkling wine for January 20.

(We never did more than get together with one or two other couples at one of our houses anyway.)

When I was young, my family had a truly weird custom. We would have a fire in the fireplace and at midnight my mother would throw in all the grocery coupons she still had that expired on December 31!


Before moving to AP, NY Eve usually meant a house party with friends, or nothing. Growing up, my parents threw a big NY Day party, and I’ve hosted those. Since moving here, I’ve spent the last 4 Eves wherever Remember Jones was playing, because DAMN, they know how to make a party. This year? No plans until around 4pm today, when my BFF and I decided we’ll jump on Zoom and hang. We’ve invited a bunch of mutual friends to join us if they want to, so I have no idea if it will be the two of us or a bunch. Either way, I have Pama (TY @MsBean for THAT intro) and Tito’s ready to pour. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @eleeper I’m with you–saving my bubbles for 1/20!

Here’s wishing all of you HOs a happy, healthy 2021. REALLY hope we can gather together soon.


I’ve always referred to nye as amateur hour as far as going out. Can’t stand it now that I’m older than 25. Will open a bottle of wine with mrs met and hope to make it to midnight and put this most miserable year to bed.
Here’s to a happy and healthy to everyone!!


We escaped to a rented airbnb to look at someone else’s walls :crazy_face:! Happy new year!


Mrs. P went all out for NYE. Details and pictures in the main WFD thread below.
I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year, and can’t wait until there is a time in the near future when we can safely see some of you in person again!


Update: Also watched GUYS AND DOLLS and CONQUEST OF SPACE, then used our atomic clock to know when New Years really came (and avoid that 7-second delay), at which point we played “Auld Land Syne” by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians on YouTube.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Happy New Year’s from Houston. :mask: :mask: :mask:

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I was never a big NYE party person either. For several years it seemed Mr Bean was on call so that meant he had to remain close to home and sober. Then, 24 years ago we had the best NYE ever as it became The Sprout’s birthday! Mr Bean is a big softie so we’d stay home to celebrate with her. Until of course she started going out on her own!

This year we were all back home to celebrate together. Needless to say it was a better sweet celebration but 2020 is over and we look forward to a better future.


We had a quieter night at home, see more about it here:


Wow! That is awesome!

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Thank you! A very happy new year to you and Lucia!!

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I LOVE that you have an atomic clock, so you knew EXACTLY when the New Year started! Awesomeness!