Nemo (Keyport, NJ)

I reviewed this place a while ago but only today did I really come to appreciate just how excellent Nemo is. Sure, they have every kind of sushi under the sun, but what keeps me coming back is their selection of hot meals. They have Japanese such as udon of course, but also a decent amount of Chinese and even one Indonesian. Their red curry is simply one of the tastiest curries I have ever eaten in my life. Better than any Chinese restaurant around here, and right up there with some Indian ones. Granted, it is a different style of curry, but man is it good. Only $6.95 for a chicken curry lunch special, and that includes rice, soup, and salad. For $2 more you can get shrimp or scallops (my normal go-to). For such quality and that value, it is hard to believe. Friend and I went for lunch today. Two meals, soups, salads, and an appetizer we ordered separately and the bill was $19.

Pics from today:

Red Curry Chicken

A different take on the Crab Rangoon. Paper-thin wrappers which made this like little pillows rather than the heavy, greasy concoction you may receive from takeout places.

A previous visit:

Shu Mai


Passed by here on Sum on way to fisher. Seemed to remember people talking it up, will add this to my ever growing list of places. What else in keyport is good? Have heard McDonoughs is good I think?

Drews is great. Try that if you havent.

Nice pics greg! That curry looks great

Tropico Tacos (might be called Authentico Tacos or Tacos No Problem?) on Broad Street. Cheap and delicious.

Mc Donough’s is great for a drink or two and some live music on your way to or from Drew’s. Drew’s is the highlight of the town, there is a dinner too that I think either @corvette_johnny or @VikingKaj think very highly of as well. That’s about it as far as Keyport goes.

I will respectfully have to disagree here.

Not a big fan of Asian fusion cusine in the first place. But Nemo’s has futher problems.

From another thread:

As noted above, a gastrointestinal disorder occurred after our last trip to Nemo’s. There were flies buzzing around the Sushi bar.

One thing I am a stickler for in a restaurant is cleanliness, especially in a Sushi restaurant.

They also have a really good burger.

Broad Street Diner. It’s not just me, it’s won a lot of readers choice/best of awards.

The chicken fried steak and the bleu cheese burger are personal favorites. It is difficult to find good chicken fried steak outside of Texas, but Broad Street’s is good.

Not true, KEYPORT FISHERY is awesome. Prolly the best fried seafood in Monmouth county. I love the clams.

I would add Los Corrales to the list too, for hole in the wall Mexican. Not a destination kind of place but good for lunch if you are in the area.

And, of course, Drew’s.

Finally I have been meaning to try Mike’s Giant Submarines since they made a best of list last year, but havent managed to do this yet.

If you don’t believe me, take it from @Metsfan86:

Never been. I only do diners like twice a year…not a big diner guy. I hear it is a good place though.

But yeah, drews and Keyport fishery are my two spots.

keep meaning to try that place- but it’s across street from fishery. we just end up there- it’s good, good way to force fam to way fish, and an outstanding value as well. Would love to hear some Ho opinions though.

I just REALLY wish that Keyport Fishery did something else besides fried. Fried fish and french fries is too much for me. I know this is probably blasphemy and I’m likely getting myself banned from the board!

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agree- it’s a bit much- it’s mostly a summer treat- a really good way to get kids to eat fish and a Great value, the sandwich plate is def big enough for a meal in itself. Something about fried shrimp in the summer; the Mrs was thinking about the soups next time to break it up a bit. Otherwise we head to boondocks in RB, they have a few more preparations to choose from, including Lobster roll. Used to like Navesink Fishery as well, and they do a bit more, but recent price increases have made them less than desirable lately.

I cant do spicy- would I still dig Drews? Really want to after hearing everyone rave on his food and that he seems to be a good dude.

OFFICIAL HUNGRY ONION NOTIFICATION (no not really this is a joke)

You are hereby notified that you have violated the the TOS for this site, specifically chapter 12 sub-chapter 6 paragraph 2 states: "__Any unfair criticism of a favorite fried fish establishment shall be punishable by 27 lashes by a wet noodle followed by a mandatory suspension of your posting privileges for a time period of no less than 30 seconds and not to exceed 45 seconds, effective immediately"

I"m sorry Gracie but the rules are pretty clear.


How can anybody not love Keyport Fishery???

I think Navesink Fishery changed suppliers for the cheaper. Shrimp and scallops we’re not up to usual standard last time out.

And the fries were a soggy hand cut mess. Did not blanche them first.

We called the owner over. He apologized but did not alter the bill.

I don’t think it’s that spicy. Just well seasoned.

I knew that I was playing with fire!!! :fire:

@Metsfan86 - I’m not huge into spicy and have had no problem finding plenty to eat. I’m sure you will enjoy!


shame to hear- that along with Barneys were the first two spots I ate at when I started visiting the area before we even moved…

Yep. My friend who lives just down the street from NF was with me. He noticed the same.

Gotta wonder if the A & P shutting down is affecting their business.

Still it’s sad to see a once reliable seafood place going downhill.