Nemo (Keyport, NJ)


What dishes? I’m sure between a few drews fans here and I, we have had every dish on the menu. Jumbalaya is the only one I consider somewhat spicy.

(Mr met) #22

just assumed it was spicy- some o the ingredients etc as I can’t really even do jalapenos …but if that’s not the case, happy to be mistaken as everyone raves about Drews food.


I’d try the short rib. You can’t go wrong with that, or the crab cakes. Both are not spicy at all.

The hangar steak is good too

(Tom T) #24

I’ll add Lenora’s to the mix as far as Keyport restaurants go. Breakfast place, and they serve both classic American as well as Mexican dishes. Chilaquiles were pretty awesome last time I was there, but it has been a year or so.

(Eli Paryzer) #25

You can find plenty of non spicy dishes at Drew’s. You can also request any spicy sauces on the side. The Shrimp & Grits is not spicy. The Voodoo shrimp might sound spicy but it is fairly mild. Mushroom cavatelli, or scallops aren’t spicy. You can ask for the chipotle tartar sauce on the side for the delicious crawfish cakes. The spiciest item is the jambalaya.


I would agree. If you can handle a regular buffalo wing from a chain restaurant, you can handle the voodoo shrimp…great dish!

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Have never noticed anything unclean about the restaurant, inside or out.

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Lenora’s is a cute little spot. Can get everything from a waffle to an authentic Mexican dish all on one menu.

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Seriously, flies buzzing around.

(Greg Caggiano) #30

Not to be redundant, but I’ve never noticed any.


McDonoughs has good burgers etc. But I find the noise deafening.


We used to enjoy the Navesink Fishery…the quality was always consistent. We stopped going about a year ago after two equally bad meals.


We love Nemo’s. I am a particular fan of their crispy red snapper with baby bok choy. We’ve been there dozens of times and I have never had a problem nor seen a problem with cleanliness.


Flies happen. I’ve worked in restaurants and they get in. Also, there was a big black flying buzzing around my skylight for literally over 24 hours the other day pissing me off like crazy. The skylight is well over 12 ft high and with an angled roof. So short of bringing in a tall ladder, what the hell do I do? Lol It doesn’t mean my house is dirty. No one wants to see flies but it’s part of life. If someone saw fly paper hanging when the kitchen door opened, they would complain about that too. It’s something all restaurants have to deal with.


Is that snapper a whole fish? I’m a whole fish fan. I like to see what Im eating :slight_smile:


It’s filleted. But you might be able ask for it as a whole fish.


Ah I see Donna. Any good whole fish locally, if you’re into whole fish? I have a few spots but I’m always looking.


Only place I’ve had it was Niko’s Trapezi Greek Taverna in Long Branch. They have a “whole fish of the day” or at least they used to.

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How do you explain gastrointestinal disorders two hours after eating there ?

Gotta be honest with you, from what I have seen I believe a lot of restaurant patrons around here are more tolerant of uncleanliness than we are. I suggest you look closely at Nemo the next time you eat there and think about it. From the grimy old octagonal tile on the floor, the lack of adequate air handling (air conditioner/HVAC), the failure to wipe down surfaces properly (if there are streaks or it’s sticky, it’s dirty), hell, even the glass on the door going in.

My wife and I have gotten sick so many times after eating sushi in Monmouth that we hesitate to eat sushi around here anymore.

Just last weekend in fact, although I won’t name the restaurant.

The rest of you must have cast iron colons.

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Doesn’t sound like Sushi. Doesn’t even sound Japanese.