Need advice with two party apps pls!

For a crudite platter, what do you all think is the best dressing or dip to use? I personally hate ranch and would not like to make that and then have leftovers. I’d go blue cheese but am afraid people don’t like it? Prefer to purchase as I’ve already bitten off more than I can chew for this party.

Also, I’m doing little canapés of lox on pump and rye. Likely topped with dill. What spread for the bread? Cream cheese? Butter? Butter mixed with whole grain mustard? Crème fraiche mixed with a bit of horseradish?

Thanks onions!

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Crudités: I’d go with Marie’s Chunky Blue Cheese dressing (produce section) or if it’s not available in your part of the country, the best refrigerated option, plus an organic hummus that doesn’t have citric acid for vegans and blue cheese haters.

Lox bites: I would use Philadelphia cream cheese, soften it, add some horseradish, finely chopped capers, a tiny bit of lemon zest and finely snipped chives if you have them, then chill again. Dill on top for sure! Skip capers if pushed for time.


Vote here for hummus as a second dip.


My 2 favourite dips are Green Goddess Dip
and a Crack Dip made with sour cream, bacon, green onion, Worcestershire and cheddar (no ranch).


Another vote for Green Goddess, but it needs to be homemade. How about spinach?


I’d recommend this (or whatever the most current incarnation of it is) at Trader Joe’s ……. If you live near one. .


I may already have a second dip for the blue cheese haters. I’m doing salt roasted baby potatoes with a romesco sauce on the side. Should be fine with raw veg. I had been thinking about somehow using capers and shallot with the lox but was thinking on top. I like it better as part of the spread. Less dropping of bits all over my floor!


I do, and I’ve not tried that dip!

Pressed for time.

We had an onion/dill dip, red pepper hummus, guac, Spinach dip and salsa and Ranch for ours the other day.
My all time favorite crudite dip is a curry, chutney and cream cheese dip. It is great as a spread on pump. All mixed in a food processor. I mix cream cheese with Major Grey chutney, a little catsup, a bit of curry powder and thin it out with cream, milk or yogurt. Play with it. I make lots.
#2 is a raita, but I make it without mint. The cucumber, garlic and yogurt flavors just make the crudites sing.
Salmon lox) with cream cheese and dill= greatness. A sprinkle of ‘everything’ seasoning
What about a non-creamy, non-dairy dip like an emulsified bagna cauda dip?
Just thought of softened butter mixed with chives and dill for the spread on pump.


A little hungry after reading this. Love the mint free raita idea- mint and I are not friends


Chopped chicken liver topped with caramelized onions and marmalade

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This herby yogurt is fantastic as a sauce, dip, or to eat with a spoon at the end :joy: — I like scallions, parsley, mint, and cilantro. Make ahead and it gets better as it sits

For salmon, I like to go very scant with additional flavors. (Also, I hate dill and know enough people that do that I wouldn’t use it for a party). I’d cut cream cheese with some creme fraiche or sour cream to soften, zest in some lemon, or maybe mix in some scallions too or start with scallion cream cheese. Finish with a squeeze of lemon.

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So good! I was shocked!

Another vote for the TJ’s Carmelized Onion dip.

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I don’t see why you couldn’t make a nice dip/spread with crème fraîche, capers, finely chopped shallots, and dill for the lox. You can add a dab of horseradish, too.


Sounds fantastic. I was thinking something romesco-adjacent and easy, like prepared harissa and a squeeze of lemon blended into Greek yogurt or labneh.

My go-to when time permits is tzatziki. I’ll make a batch and reserve a portion for later eating. But now is not that moment.

As others have mentioned, the refrigerated case at TJ’s is a convenient source. Some items I like there such as zhoug (spicy!) and chimichurri are heavy on the cilantro though, which tastes like soap to some. I stay away from cilantro unless I know people’s tastes.


Pesto?? A jar of your favorite (fancy) pesto?? Place it in an attractive bowl, add a little more olive oil (if you think it needs it)

With lox on top? :joy:


I saw a rouille mentioned on another site. Would that work with your crudites?