Mexican Beans

Well, really Mexican Heirloom Beans. This thread would probably attract more traffic had I put that “Heirloom” thing in the title but I wanted to reward the intrepid.

This article from The New Yorker caught my eye because I know someone who knows someone who is into this subject in a big way and lo and behold, the article is about him!

I’m a big fan of the humble frijole in all of its many permutations, and hopefully our own @Jaymes will be by shortly to add her insights into her friend Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo Beans.


Great article! I love Rancho Gordo beans but like so many others, I have mostly ordered the European varieties up till now. I have just rectified that. :slight_smile:


Wow ! That is a great site, Thanks
I love D’Artagnan’s duck confit cassoulet but had always used white canned cannelloni beans because the tarbais beans are sooooo expensive , almost $30 to a pound the last time I checked. They are at 6.99 here but the catch is the shipping would cost double unless I order $75.00 worth. There are no retailer here in the east coast ( md- Va)
I have to think what I can buy to get free S/H
I already have all the chile pods I need for the next few years
Just need enough beans for the duck confit ( I have 12 legs, usually I hmake 6 per recipe ) that I have in the freezer , was waiting to buy some garlic sausage could nto find it unless I go to DC farmer’s market.
Would like to see if the tarbais beans makes a difference/
Any body there with experience on tarbais beans and where I can find it cheaper?

Yep…that’s some article, isn’t it. As he said on his FB page, it got “a little personal,” but overall, wonderful. Really captured his personality and journey to a “t.”

And, ccj…have you called the Napa store to be sure they don’t carry RG products anywhere in your area?

They sell a great many things other than beans to fill up a $75 quota. And there is the added advantage that it’s all non-perishable.


@ccj, if you like beans it is very, very easy to get to $75, took me no time at all after reading that article. :wink:


Boy, me, too. I have the opposite problem…$75 too quickly.

I know some friends/family that chip in & order together, but here are a few other items we’re never without: chocolate, pilloncillo, hot sauces, 100% red New Mexico chile powder, banana vinegar, and, the most heady, aromatic herb I’ve ever found - that Indigo Oregano. Wow.

As for the Tarbais beans - in my view, the beans do make a huge difference. And, after Steve began chatting with Marcella Hazan, she told him that she really preferred a different type of bean that she had never seen available in the US. He asked her to get him some and he would grow them, which he now does. And he named them after her - the Marcella. I use them and the Tarbais basically interchangeably for cassoulets & pasta fagioli.

Part of his dedication to fresh and seasonal products means that shortages do occur. So, like I said, since they’re basically non-perishable - or at least have very long shelf lives - we order plenty of the things we don’t want to be without.


Here’s a link to his Facebook page, on which discussion of that article is a very big deal:

I am not a bean person
my GI tract does not agree with all the gas but my son is
i only cook beans when I make him chili, and of course garbanzo on espinosa ( but I use canned beans)
I stil hae a lot of canned beans for those puroise
I do love duck confit but it is pricey and takes along time to cok
For jus ty son and me, I use 6 confit and have left overs but when we have guest, I use 9 confit.
It is very expensive esp whenI have to travel to DC to get the garlic sausage.
I will see if some friends want to buy with me


I do love to use oregano when I make my red sauce for enchilada and also make it for my chile con carne
I will look into that
Just have so many things that i buy in large quantity and have just so many pots
I do collect Chinese blue and white porcelain pots when my husband was alive, because I use so many flours etc for him, being a coeliac ( gluten enteropathy-)
People used to admire them when I open my cabinets, the whole 3 double cabinets is filled with these blue pottery as well as rose medallion for sugar, his gluten free flour, chile pods, rice sticks, etc but now, i stored 3of them up high in my cabinet and cannot read them as I started collecting copper pots and used those space for copper pots instead.


I love Mexican Oregano and thanks to Jaymes, have tried his Indio version. It is excellent.

His products are not inexpensive, but the quality is outstanding.

Here’s a LINK to an interactive page where you can search for retailers near you. Hopefully, you’ll find one.

Unfortunately they do not cary travis beans
i did try

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Travis Beans?

My GoogleFu is usually pretty good, but the only reference I can find to Travis Bean is a guitar maker.

Guessing Travis is autocorrect for Tarbais.


Thanks. I was coming up empty! :grin:

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Great article, thanks for posting this! I’ve bought rancho gordo beans any number of times and they are absolutely worth the cost, especially considering they will certainly steal the spotlight of any meal. I need to try more of the mexican beans they sell myself


I did. The stores that were close to me did nto have the cassoulet but I realized I have 12 duck leg confit in the freezer,
Each recipe with 6 legs calls for 3 pounds of tarbais beans
So, I ordered 9 pounds and before I know it I have $75.00 worth
So, I changed my order to 6 pounds of tarbais beans, ordered mexican oregano, 1 pound santa maria pinquitos , 1pound of eye of the goat and wander what is the best bean for chili ? any suggestion? I need 2 more items and I wil have free shipping


I think might be fun to order some Marcella to make one batch of cassoulet and compare with the Tarbais.

As far as chili goes, I really like the Domingo Rojo but here’s what Steve has to say:

thanks, I did
So, I have ordered the 2 oreganos, 6 cassoulet , one each of eye of the goat, santa maria, corona, cranberry.
I really do not use much beans except in chili fo my son and of course garbanzo y espinosas ( do not agree too much with me )
HMM, wander of there is a recipe for wild boar and beans?
I saw lamb and beans but my son does nto like lamb and I love only lollipop lamb chop
Hope I will cook them as now, I have to find containers for them

I am very excited for you & hope you report back. When you get your order, open up that Oregano Indio & take a whiff. Revelatory - or at least it was for me.

I’ve never cooked with wild boar but, as it’s in the hog family, ferl pretty sure it would pair well with most bean dishes. I think it’s probably leaner than domesticated pigs, and there might be ways to reduce the gaminess, but I just don’t know. Sorry not to be of more help. I would suggest that you check out the Rancho Gordo Facebook page and see if perhaps you could ask that question there.

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I looked but did not see any recipe using beans
have not been cooking
son arriving home sunday after being away in Amsterdam, so he misses home cooking
I tend to cook a casserole of something so that he can eat whenever he is hungry ( every fe hours, between meals
want to make venison chili, one of his favorites but will wait for beans to arrive
Also the next would be wild boar fro D’Artagnan cooked Italian rage style. It is very good, hard have any fat, not gamey at all. Very tender. Need Fennel for so have to go to grocery
Ini the meantime, I will cook what I have everything on hand, that would be chicken and pork adobo (with lots og=f vinegary garlicky gravy)
I have started to defrost them, will probably brown them tonight or tomorrow, as his plane arrives 11:45PM tomorrow night in Va which is 2 hours away.
May sleep over in Va if driving is too difficult coming home that late
Will keep you posted
Wild boar is one of our favorites
Very upset that the Oll Wild Boar dry sausage hs been discontinued ( the whole line) by Wegman’s. Costco carries but not the wild boar kind.
You should try Olli salumeria

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