Recommend me a good one. I have access to lots of choices including TJ and Aldi, Japanese, (tried Kewpie, et al), Latin, etc.

I’ve been using Dukes for years but I’m hoping there’s something better. Whatcha got?

I LOVE Sir Kensington Mayo. LOVE it. I guess some people feel it tastes too eggy for them but I couldn’t disagree more.

I also recently heard about a vegan mayo that peaked my interest - they said it tasted as good as real Mayo. Hampton Creek - anyone tried it?


I think I’ve seen some Kensington products at Sprouts. I’ll check it out.


Mmm kewpie. I’m a Hellmans/Best Foods devotee, and like Just Mayo from Hampton Creek a lot. There’s a faint background flavor of pea powder, but you wouldn’t notice it unless you were concentrating on a tablespoon (achem). I find the Trader Joe’s vegan mayo gross.

I’m interested to try the Kensington product-- I like their ketchup

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Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo chipotle mayo is my current favorite sandwich condiment - delish! I add relish to it for a bit of sweetness and texture.


We have Best Foods mayonnaise here on the west coast . It 's my fave . To tell you the truth I would rather make my own . I have used olive and was much to strong . I need to use a lighter oil . It was still way better than store bought . Do you have any recipes for it ?

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I make my own normally (grape seed oil - typically 50/50 grape seed olive oil) - give Sir Kensington a try. Curious what you think.


Nice . Thank you . Will try . What’s your normal formula ? Say , eggs to oil ratio .

Best Foods for me. But, Mayo is a vehicle, not the main.

Depends on the application, I season Best Food to be: Asian, Mexican, American, .etc.

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It looks like “Best Foods” is known as Hellman’s hereabouts. Is that right?

That was the only mayo I was even aware of growing up.

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I’m a big fan of Hellman’s Heavy Duty. Available at some Costco locations, Restaurant Depot, etc. Tastes like Hellman’s, just richer and better!

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That’s what I want! I just don’t have space for a five gallon jar.

There’s a restaurant here, Kenny & Ziggys Deli, that makes a great potato salad. I asked a waitress once what their secret was and she said it was the heavy mayo. I’ve assumed it was this but am not sure. Do want to try however.

Kenji says that a bitter compound comes about when you put olive oil in a blender. His vegan aquafaba mayo uses vegetable oil for the initial emulsion, and then stirs in olive oil. It’s a great recipe, btw, and the lack of raw egg makes me more comfortable bringing something like a mayo based salad to a picnic on a hot day.

I am OK with the raw egg . It will only me eating it . Thanks . Mayo on a hot day in the sun is a bad idea .:sweat:

I agree homemade, but if in a superbind, will get TJ’s Organic (not vegan). TJ’s is okay as long as the mayo isn’t front and center. Used to be a Duke’s fan, but I am doing the simple ingredients thing these days.

I understand the egginess and heaviness of homemade mayo can be offputting for some. I haven’t found a working recipe for making “white”, store-like mayonnaise at home. If anyone has such a recipe, please share. I’m convinced they must use some sort of super machine to get it to emulsify with less yolks and to emulsify water into it.

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I don’t have fridge space for one either. Commercial mayo is shelf stable, though, so I have been scooping out a normal amount and storing it in the fridge in a mason jar, then storing the rest of the jar in a cool dark place. No problems at all.

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“Shelf stable”?

No shi…kidding!!? Well that changes my calculations considerably. Off to Costco I go!


Yes, apparently the only reason they recommend refrigerating after opening is to preserve flavor (and probably because not everyone is careful not to contaminate the jar with dirty utensils, etc.). I haven’t found that the flavor is affected when I store it in a cool dark place, and I just make sure to use a clean utensil when I refill my mason jar.

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Sir Kensington also makes avocado oil mayo. Trader Joe’s organic mayo in the glass jar is very good, too. I usually eschew soybean oil mayo ever since Hellman’s started tasting and feeling like motor oil to me, but some must use better quality soybean oil, like TJ’s because it’s so much better.

I hate the texture of the vegan ones.

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Me too. But this Hampton Creek is apparently thickened differently (I don’t remember how anymore but using completely different ingredient for thickening) - I’m curious …

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