Pretty standard - 3/4-1 cup oil per egg yolk. A bit of water and some acid (lemon or champagne vinegar typically). I find when I skip the water that it never thickens quite the same way.

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The lemon juice or vinegar acid in mayo inhibits bacteria growth. It’s the potatoes or pasta or something damp that is the bacterial medium, especially as it warms.


So they didn’t have the heavy mayo at my local Costco. They had Helman’s and Wilsey Whole Egg Mayo. Neither was shelf stable after opening.

The Wilsey, (which I’ve never heard of), came in a manageable 1 gallon size, but had an expiration date only a couple of weeks hence. I’d never come close to using it up so I passed.

I’ve done some additional research and may try Trader Joe’s next.

Oh no!!! Sir Kensingtons bought by Unilever . . . . . ugh. I’m so worried that now it will be gone - when I just found it.

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No, Mr. Hands!! :open_mouth:

I grew up eating best foods (west coast) which is helleman’s on the east coast, and generally that’s my barometer for mayo.
I have vehemently hated all of the mayo at trader joe’s (and i love trader joe’s!), i was surprised how much i like the Beyond Mayo.
I also always have kewpie around, but it’s something i use for a drizzle over a dish, not so much as an ingredient

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My favorite was previously Hellman’s until they started listing water as the first ingredient. Now it’s either the Kirkland brand or Hain Safflower mayonnaise.

I’m halfway through the jar of Trader Joe’s. It’s OK, but still not what I’m looking for.

I also picked up some exotics with potential at my local Mediterranean market called Phoenicia, but I haven’t tried them yet.

One is a jar of Vitanez “Extra” Mayonnaise from Macedonia,

And the other is a tube of “Tina Delikatesna Majoneza” from Slovenia.

Yeah, I’m searching far and wide. I’ll lecha know.


Kensington makes a great dijonnaise that I am addicted to. Slightly creamy with nice spice.

NO!!! Another one bites the dust.

Ugh! I did Not need to know this!! Their mayo was too dense/eggy or something for me, but dijonaise is my weakness…! I’m currently obsessed with the Maille dijonaise which is expensive in stores near me yet i am now spoiled for any other.
Is the sir kensington a bit spicy with a nice dijon kick or more mild like mayo with a touch of mustard?

a bit off topic,but anyone looking to try sir kensington without the substantial surcharge (high price), the whole foods around here have it in their dispensers in the table area to eat in. Also their ketchup and mustard. Or sometimes just packets, either way a good way to sample some of their products.


It is spicy with a nice dijon kick. Sometiemes I forget and put too much and get a nice little burn going in my mouth! I love it. Nope, definitely not mayo with a bit of mustard - very mustardy!

Good to know, Rich. I will check that out!

I used to buy Amora mayonnaise which is a regular brand in France, but a fancy imported brand in Québec. I can’t bring myself to pay a premium price for the stuff, so I reverted to Hellmann’s which is fine for everyday use. I really like the Kirkland mayo from Costco, but the jar is just too big for me.

Ummmm… that sounds SO GOOD!!! It’s officially on my radar to buy ASAP!

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At Trader Joe’s the only one I buy is the organic one in the glass jar. It’s not my fave, but one I like okay, though my most recent one felt heavier/greasier like the Hellmans former love of my mayo life that I now loathe for the same reason. The heaviness of its sub par soybean oil ruins it for me. I’m loving Avocado oil mayo from Sir Kensington.

I hate when good old reliables turn bad.

You know i was really surprised at how much i liked the new “beyond mayo”- i’ve been a lifelong helleman’s fan (best foods in my childhood) and got that beyond mayo on sale, worth a shot for sure!
TJs mayo ihas been a big NAY for me but maybe they fixed it? I’m also a big kewpie fan and am heading back to asia soon where a good sized bottle is just $2 (!!) so odds are i’ll stockpile there :))

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So, TJs the only one I’ve liked was the organic in the glass jar, not the regular. Spectrum, 365 at WF and Spectrum and I think Woodstock are acceptable. The regular TJ mayo has that heavy greasiness that I don’t recall from the organic. Right now, I have 365 and Sir Kensington on hand only.