March/April opening & closing thread

Onions! Either I’ve missed it, in which case mea culpa, or there was no March thread started.

I wanted to share the news that Sassafrass in Ball Square, Somerville announced that they are closing. From their webpage:

It’s with a heavy heart that we unfortunately have decided to close. Because as it stands now, we have become a financially unsustainable business. The closure of the Broadway Bridge only adds to that issue. We have sadly decided to close our doors and are taking steps to evaluate our future. We appreciate our loyal customers and thank you for your support of Sassafras and Eat at Jumbos over the years.

Now, I have the utmost sympathy for the restaurants in the area of the bridge closure but I have to point out that Grover was selling a $17 impossible burger, and had waitstaff who weren’t the least bit excited about the fairly niche dining experience, and in fact bordered on rude and incompetent. We ate there a few months back and I never got around the writing it up because although the burger was tasty (as was the fried un-chicken sandwich) the review would have been pretty negative, and would have concluded with our family walking out after the meal saying “90 days til they close- max.”

I miss Eat at Jumbo’s and their excellent whole wheat pizza crust, but Sassafrass’s closure was a foregone conclusion, bridge or no.


Thanks for starting this thread.

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It looks like Manoa Poke has closed. This is unfortunate as I thought it was the best of the Cambridge/Somerville poke bunch, and the people who started and ran the business were local.


Bueller? Bueller?.. (@passingthru I’m looking at you…it seems he has deactivated his account since tagging him doesn’t work anymore) :frowning_face:

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Seasonal opening: Kimball Farm in Westford opens for ice cream today, March 28. Carlisle and Lancaster open on April 4.

Which means that after a winter without, there will again be ice cream at our house this weekend. For some people, Red Sox opening day heralds the coming of Spring. For us, Kimball’s.

P. S. I too miss the presence of @passing_thru around this joint.

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Rumor alert: I’ve received word that the demise of China King in Chinatown may have been premature! My sister said she thought she saw people eating in the restaurant last week, when she passed by. Will try to find a time to stop by and investigate. It would be welcome news, if it was just an un-announced renovation.

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Hate to bring up sad news. But in case you missed it - Passingthru did leave the site.

Oh yes, I know since I was fairly involved in that thread. I was firmly in the camp of people trying to convince passing_thru to stay. The last I heard, he was still checking in now and then but not participating but it seems he has finally pull the plug.

ETA: Ah! For some reason, tagging his handle wasn’t working for me earlier but now I see it. Perhaps he still around and can be convinced to return. :grinning:

Fiorella’s Express in North Cambridge has closed, and has a “Restaurant for sale” sign in the window.

Benson’s Ice Cream in Boxford Ma is open for the season as well as Kimballs.

Corn on the cob won’t be long!


Gustazo in Cambridge appears to have finally opened!


Not an opening, exactly, but Joyful Garden, next to Motor Vehicles in that mall in Watertown (the one with Best Buy and Target in it) now serves dim sum on weekdays. Originally – as far as I know (and at least I know that’s not much) – it was just weekends.

Please go,

I was there last week, and the absence of crowds meant that the same offerings circulated over and over. Despite that, much of what I had was decent: soup dumplings, shrimp dumplings, rice-in-lotus-leaf, etc. They have chicken feet, tripe, etc., ergo they need to be supported. Where else will you get a chicken foot in Watertown?


I went when they first opened but on the weekend … they were packed. We loved it. I hope they can get a weekday crowd for sure!

Local corn isn’t usually available until late July, and it usually gets better in August. Last year I bought corn in mid July and it wasn’t good at all. Weather dependent, of course, but there’s a reason our local “summer” markets don’t open until May, and then have only greens, radishes, hothouse stuff, rhubarb…the seasons for local asparagus and local strawberries are very short so I buy lots when they show up…I think there is such a huge difference in local for those two especially.


Bonchon in Waltham was opened this weekend for a “soft opening”. It has been “coming” for a long time so I’m excited that they finally opened. It is a Korean fried chicken chain but the menu has a lot more than just friend chicken. I had never been to one.

We had spicy fried chicken drums, takoyaki (fried octopus balls), and bibimbap. We were happy with all of them. The wait staff was running around a little frantically but that is to be expected during a soft open. We’ll be back.

Oh - and the Dosa Factory place across Moody street that has been “coming soon” for a decade . . . someone has finally taken the facade down, installed a new front window (I think), and looks to be renovating the inside. I haven’t heard what is supposed to go into that space but its about time something is happening there.


I had resigned myself to the idea that “Coming Soon” was permanent in that location, LOL.

Cafe Jaffa in Back Bay has closed after 30 years.

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Oh, I read on the Bring Retail to Waltham Facebook page that Veggie Crust is opening a location on Moody St. in what I believe is the old Dosa Factory space. That would be good news! My son really likes their combo Indian/Italian vegetarian pizza toppings.


Early-early report: I don’t actually have an opening date, but construction is happening and signs are being put up around North Quincy.

Cheers Cut, which has already popped up on some sites, looks ready to go soon on Billings Rd in North Quincy. It’s in a former small insurance agency spot, and the space looks tiny. Given the website for the Allston location, it looks to specialize in fried foods and snack items.

The spot at the corner of Beale and Hancock St in Wollaston has posted signs that it will be a Thai place called Yaowarat. All the windows are papered over for construction now. Reads it will also feature Bangkok Chinatown street foods…whatever that is, but sounds promising… That is only a few doors down from Pad Thai on Hancock, so it will be interesting to see how this goes.


There looks to be a new pizza place in Northern Newton: The Landing Pizza & Kitchen- L’Approdo. The website says he is certified to make Neapolitan pizza:

I’ve been wanting to try for a few weeks, but haven’t been able to!