Lunch 2024


I hope this doesn’t last! Gotta be careful out there, regardless.
Wishing you ‘rightness’ with your GI tract!:blush:

Better now! Gatorade, then my first meal - instant mashed potatoes in a cup.


Lunch today was the last bit of salami and some spring mix.


Breakfast burrito with homemade chorizo from EAT. COOK. L.A., courtesy Wesley Avila of Guerrilla Tacos.

Another winner from this cookbook. I made half a recipe and didn’t add the extra leaf lard called for because the pork shoulder I had contained enough fat for my taste. I’m not usually a chorizo fan, but this mix was really good and had a nice kick. Served on homemade flour tortillas with homemade sour cream and garden chives. Really good!


After a shopping trip for a client who subsists on the most restrictive diet ever (unsalted sliced carrots, sheep’s milk yogurt, coconut milk-based ice cream) due to “allergies” I was starving. Stopped by the Asian market en route and picked up a sizable package of oyster shrooms and king oysters. My buddy’s still not come through with eggs :sob:, so a mushroom ragout sautéed in ghee with a dash of soy sauce & sliced scallions, finished with a squeeze o’lemon & a generous grind of black pepper was my lunch.


GD I love deez shroomz :yum:


It’s not every day I have Thai food for lunch so when I found out there was a Thai street food festival today I ran, didn’t walk, to the festival. A lot of the dishes that were on offer were dishes that I am already familiar with like curries, chicken penang, pad Thai, etc. so I decided to try some of the more street-food-like dishes available. I had a bbq’d pork skewer, a curried pork sausage (she warned me it was spicy and she wssn’t kidding) and some chicken egg rolls which were very good. The best part of the meal was the cold fizzy lychee limeade I bought for “dessert”. I think it was in the 90s this afternoon so any cold beverage with bubbles would have made me happy.


My guitarist buddy finally came through :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:, so I had super-fresh dippy eggs with sautéed KOS for a late lunch.

Shroomz are magical on their own, but eggses and shroomz just vibe so well together on the plate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Fried rice using up the pickled vegetables from yesterday and some chicken breast. Leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, too!


We had to pick up blackberries & blueberries (pretty much the 2 main reasons we’re Sam’s Club members :smile:), and it was around lunch time.

Juicy, meaty, beefy, and pretty damn large. We always split one. $1.38 for the combo :exploding_head:


Day trip through Napa Valley.

At the very end of the valley, Buster’s Q on hwy 29.

We split a Tri Tip meal. Requested fatty and rare as available, eliciting a bit of surprise from the order taker.

An enjoyable respite to sustain us for the quick drive over the hill to Sonoma.


Focaccia flatbread, doctored
Sprouts rosemary focaccia loaf
TJs lemon pesto
Sauté baby peppers, zukes and scallions
Deli ham
Sliced cheese (mild cheddar)
Garlic salt

Frig clean out. Delish.


Grabbed lunch at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Hershey.

The fish tacos were ok, but the “roasted” beets with honey-whipped goat cheese and pistachio gremolata were inedible:

impossible to cut through the sliced beets, which were hard as rocks. We sent it back and had them take it off the bill.

Shoulda gotten a banh mi in H’burg instead :confused:


It almost sounds like they didn’t actually cook the beets. At least they took them off the bill. The tacos look good. Is that rice and beans at 12:00?


Yeah, there’s no way they were roasted.

Under-seasoned beans & rice we also didn’t finish.

Carbonara Buldak with a Kraft single mixed in, broccolini, fried egg, and kimchi


Ugh. Sounds like you didn’t have much luck with lunch.

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Big bowl of homemade chowder with cod cheeks and creamy new potatoes.


Wow, that looks succulent!

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