Lunch 2021

Chilaquiles con frijoles refritos y huevos revueltos.


Creamed spinach. Ate it with simple boiled potatoes (not pictured).

Some more photos from the woods taken last week.

A big colony on an old tree stump. All around the stump.

The moss is always so intensely green

Usually when trees are marked with some neon paint it means they are going to be cut and taken away. But thankfully this one is not going anywhere.

When I got home I had to rinse my boots using the garden hose. So much mud.


Sometimes I eat a late lunch and have some wine or beer for “dinner”.

Chilean surf clams in fried rice, tofu is “taukwa” kind. I don’t care for rice and the partner doesn’t care for clams but this time we settled with a reasonable compromise. I ate lots of tinned surf clams in Chile. Here I can get them frozen in Chinese supermarket.

Taukwa tofu again. I like this udon noodles from Korea. It’s the only udon I eat since I discovered it.

After seeing photos taken in the same woods in previous post, the next 5 are depressing. My local government has been busy this past couple of months trying their best to destroy the woods. So every year the papers report that a massive decline in wildlife I can point the finger directly at my greedy government.

A scene of carnage, but without the gore.

I have made so many nice photos in this woods. This is one of the nice spots, with tall fir/spruce. Well, not any more, as of last Tuesday.

This is only on one path. It’s like this throughout the entire woods!

Where I parked my bike. This whole area is next to be wiped out.


I’m sorry about the near destruction of your woods. You’ve taken and shared so many lovely photos from there, that I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed…

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It takes 50 years for these trees to get to this size. I will be here to witness the demise of our woods.

The moss and fungus in this exact spot in photo above, but taken last winter.


🥲 Do you know if they’re planning planning to build housing or business developments? It’s truly a beautiful area, and has always reminded me of a fairy tale!

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There are many bald patches in the woods and have been for some years. In some spots I do see saplings but a lot less than the bald ones.

These trees are not big enough for anything useful. It’s not the kind of forests we have here like in the Pacific North West/BC/WA.

If they plant new trees there will be saplings in opaque plastic tubes and signs telling the public to keep off the area.

Nothing here for years…


Governments always know best. Or maybe, sometimes know best. Or maybe, look out for themselves.

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That’s awful - so sad…

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New batch of beef noodle soup, recipe but doubled and I also added beef tendon.


I made sliced broccoli in the oven the other day. I left it in too long, and it was a bit too black. It was terrific. Best ever.

I don’t think there’s a bad way to eat broccoli.

I even like broccoli tempura.


Mushroom and cheese tacos, refried beans, Mexican rice, salsa Mexicana.


Oyakodon with veg.


Tonkatsu, pickles (fukujinzuke, takuan), cabbage with sesame dressing, miso soup, rice w/furikake.


Jealous! I had leftover won ton soup from yesterday.

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That is a dream lunch!


I think yours looks and tastes better than the beef noodle soup I ate in Taiwan! Only had it a couple of times, though. I’m sure there are noodle beef specialists but when in Taiwan it’s more important that I eat clams with basil and boiled goose every day.

And the tonkatsu meal, wow. I thought it was a restaurant meal. You even got the tray right…haha.

I have a Taiwanese cookery book (bought in either Taipei or Kaohsiung, can’t remember), I can send it to you if you want. It’s bilingual.

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2 Greek dips: yogurt and roasted sweet peppers, yogurt and roasted aubergine pulp.

Cold prawns

Later in the afternoon… Turkish pistachio/walnut baklava. I dislike sweets but can eat these in excess, especially the pistachio-filled ones. They are absolutely packed with pulverised pistachios and drenched in honey. Andalucian kaki/persimmons and Turkish sweet grapes in the background. The briki/cezve (copper coffee pot) is also Turkish.

Have been going through last holiday’s photos. Small lunch at Knossos, next to the Knossos ruins. Cretan salad also has boiled eggs and barley rusks, whereas “Greek/village salad” doesn’t.

Organic restaurant serving Minoan and typical Cretan dishes. Souvlaki and mixed grains.

Cretans are particular. They want you to know the trendy “Mediterranean diet” that you like is actually Cretan. It all started in Crete. It’s not a “diet”, it’s a life style that involves more than just food. When mass tourism there first took off in the 80’s tourists came and wanted to eat steaks and burgers. It still irks Cretans to no end. They have all these high quality seasonal produce, meats and fish and you want steaks and burgers.

Leave it to the Greeks to make it pretty and quaint. Eating in the open under olive trees.

And hanging grapes

There’s fried chickens in Crete, too.

Minoans and Cycladians used to eat snails as a snack. About archaeological site at Knossos:


What a treat to see photos from your holiday in Greece. Thank you! Looking at these scenes is a welcome antidote to all things November.

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