Lunch 2021

Thanks! The bowl I got from Sur la Table a while back - link

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Double cheeseburger on English muffin with curtido and potato chips.


Nice, I’m a big fan of toasted English muffins for hamburger buns, they get crispy, don’t fall apart and the nooks hold sauce well. Admire your restraint on the amount of chips.

Yep I like them as hamburger buns too for the same reasons. They are also maybe a bit more versatile than buns as you can make breakfast sandwiches and eggs Benedict and such with them.

I may or may not have had more chips afterwards :smiley:

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I also like “English muffins”, Mr. Happy! Unfortunately, we don’t have them here and I have never tried making them.

Spring elixir is finally here! It’s the most expensive in the first 3 weeks. The farm where I always get mine from the price drops to a reasonable level only in the last 3 weeks but theirs is the absolute best.

Don’t care if it’s expensive. Nothing to look forward to these days. It’s depressing in this country. First asparagus meal of the year. Only needs potatoes and Riesling to go with it, anything too bold will overpower the king of spring vegetable!

Behind the steamed asparagus are melted butter (a little bit goes a long way), asparagus “essence” (basically an intense stock made from the peel) in the covered round butter dish, young potatoes (very flavourful and sweetish). Soft boiled eggs and parsley on top of the asparagus.

The only Riesling I have in the fridge this week

Crazy weather from hell we had this week. It started on Monday and ended on Thursday. Lost a few established winter hardy plants this winter and now I am afraid for my other plants. Planted many expensive alliums last autumn, just hope they can make it through this week and the next.

Earlier this week: storm, hail, snow, sun, rain sometimes all at the same time, night and day for 3 full days.

My poor chives (3 pots). Chives are my “hero herb”. They survive it all and they return every year as if nothing happens.

Since travel is impossible at the moment I have to travel in my mind. Bornholm is an island in the Baltic sea, a Danish territory but it’s closer to Germany, Poland and Sweden than to Denmark. One of the things the island is known for is the quality smoked herrings. I have quality smoked herring from the North Sea so I’ll take that. (Bought from my fishmonger whom I order oysters every week)

This is how they eat smoked herring on Bornholm, “sun over Bornholm” (or insert name of another town on the island). The raw yolk is to moisten and further enrich the herring. I like my yolks cooked sous vide for the custardy viscosity)

Official site of Bornholm:

The moon a couple of weeks ago:

Only one day later it was lower and already less round. The bare branches give it a cool effect.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold