Lunch 2021

Nice meals @Presunto! So colorful too.

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Thanks. Gonna make mine. I always have dried fruits and all kinds of nuts in the house but they all go in the daily breakfast porridge.

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Ditto. Every now and then my wife craves these. Work nibbles for her and whats not to like about the flavors.

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Have some pastry and tea/coffee/beer and chill out. It’s not worth the stress.

@Paryzer and everyone else, you are welcome to show us your photos of any meal taken anywhere in this thread, in peace.

Yeah, this is what I mean by “I got this” :blush: (Made this afternoon, first time making food photos in the garden this year.)

With beer in the background

I don’t know what it’s called but here’s how I made it:

  • Croissant dough, brushed with melted butter.
  • Cover dough surface with a thick layer of chocolate powder mixed with poppy seeds.
  • Fold in half, then again, and once again.
  • Cut right through the dough with a sharp knife as cleanly as possible (to keep the filling intact).
  • Twist the 2 long dough strands and make a circle, then push one end into the middle of the circle.
  • Brush with beaten egg yolk, sprinkle more of filling on top.
  • Bake dough as instructed on back of package (200C, 20mins says on mine)

Lunch today will be some egg on egg violence. :slight_smile:


Perfect, beautiful and intact yolk!

Ok, I’m def trying that pastry.

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I regret I can only give one like for this. But I can give two :+1: :+1:!


Cerclœuds au pavolat

Popyolate Circknots

(but probably really called “Heywens” - as in “Heywen are you going to make those again?”) :slight_smile:

(I think “popyolate” is pronounced to rhyme with chocolate, more or less)

Laksa from freezer with shrimp, fish balls, tofu puff, egg, sambal belacan.


Salmon and sautéed string beans


Rye bread smeared with full fat raw milk quark, topped with smoked herring and salmon roe.

Also nice with beetroot mixed with quark, or good old soft scrambled eggs.

I get at least 1 “baby” oyster like this in every box.

_ _

Some people like to eat till they drop at Easter, but I’d rather go to the mountains. Some photos from my walking holiday in Tirol, Austria, Easter 2018.

It’s still safe to walk alone in the woods. We hardly ran into anyone and when we did they were only locals. We saw lone women (like one in this photo), lone or a pair of elderly people, young parents walking and pushing a baby pram on rocky, steep slopes! Saw a middle-aged woman walking her dog in her loafers/moccasins like it’s nothing and that’s on a rocky slope with snow! Everyone is fit, too.

The mountains, the silence, and the best Speck. I’m partial to countries or cultures that practise the “3K”: Keep quiet. Keep a distance. Keep to oneself. Austria is one. Tiny population, least visited, low birth rate are also my criteria when considering a holiday.

Just a typical day in the Austrian Alps. Their typical day is my paradise. (The ‘hut’ is a rest shelter but it was closed. Everything is usually closed until May, or when all the snow is gone.


I like eating what other people hate. Used to invite some people over but they hated everything I liked eating so I got rid of them all. Not only they hated vegetables but also things like prawns which had to be shelled, fish filets only, without bones and skin. That’s just too much stress. Eating a meal with another person is an intimate act which I do not indulge in lightly.

Fantastic and highly aromatic aged Comté (I think 2 years)

Raw Sauerkraut salad

Love all kinds of brawn. Here are some standard ones:

_ _
Easter in Chilean Patagonia.

Did a jump at 5:30pm. Autumn is low tourist season in Chile, I was the only one jumping. The instructor, a former Air Force man, called his pilot and set us up for the jump. Air Force man said I was incredibly lucky with the weather, the wind was perfect too. And the pilot was at home.

Got up at 6 the next morning to get ready for another adventure. Here I was taking a rest at over 2700m/1677mi where the clouds were almost within reach. No one fell into a crevice or slipped on the ridge. It was a bit scary at times.

Finally, the crater of Villarrica. People for scale. I was sky diving near the volcano only 16 hours prior.

These posters are all over the town of Pucón. “Io tienes que vivir”/“You have to live”. Si. I was living the dream.

Still waiting continue living the dream.


Did you use any seasoning? Soya sauce?

I like adding a spoon of Sichuan broad bean paste to fried green beans.

Yes, olive oil, soy sauce, salt, pepper, cider vinegar, squeeze of orange and a dash of fish sauce. Broad bean paste sounds good, I’ll give it a try.

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Just bought a 30-month-old Comté. As far as paragliding goes, you’re braver than I am.

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I think I like the “middle” Comté best. But any Comté is fine, really. It’s so good and dear.

I did 2 jumps in Namibia. Love being above the earth’s surface. No people and annoying noises up there.

Arms crossed or touched shoulders when leaping out of the plane. You are told to open your arms only moments later.

Carnitas tacos with guac and salsa Mexicana



Spaghetti with Italian sausage following this simple recipe from Chef John.


That looks so good. I enjoy Chef John’s videos and always have good results with his recipes. I love your bowl!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold