Lunch 2021


I favorite is a BLT (with the bacon lightly seasoned with brown sugar), kewpie Mayo, and avocado mixed with lime. Yum yum yum.


The Clams:

These are from the Veneridae - Callista Chione (Latin family species), often called Almejón Brilliante in Spanish and Venus in English. A light brown to reddish brown shell with broken bands.
Good eating raw or steamed in white wine.

The possibility for being of the Venus Verrucosa - is a Warty Venus in English, a smaller clam and used alot in Pasta Vongola.

Thanks. But they are not the sort typically used in pasta vongola. These are big like almond clams, also look a bit similar. Like almond clams these are big and very fleshy. One kilo contains about a dozen clams.

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I mentioned 2 types.

The Venus Brilliante are approx. 12 cm. across and these look alot like the Veneridae.

Yes, these are from different waters too ! They look very good anyway.

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Thanks again, Barca.

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Zhajiangmian w/cucumber


I noticed this is in your regular rotation of dishes. I love noodles but have never made this particular dish. The only time I had it was in Korea.

My Judy Joo book has a recipe. I should give it a go soon. Joo says Korean version is saucier.

Very saucy, indeed. This was in Busan.

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It’s pretty quick and easy to make, the hardest part is probably finding the tianmianjiang for the sauce. I used this recipe more or less


Thanks. Dunlop’s Chinese version is a bit different from Joo’s Korean version. Both are interesting nonetheless.

I looked at Joo’s recipe again yesterday and thought I would have to make a pseudo version as I’m unable to source Korean black bean sauce. Joo says do not use Chinese one as it’s totally not the same. Well, I am gonna use this Taiwanese bean sauce (big blue label), it’s almost black.


I turned my leftover Scandinavian DOTQ (Frikadeller, Pork Meatballs) from Danish to Japanese with two simply items…

Instead of Kewpie Mayo I used the leftover White Gravy, squirts of Bulldog Sauce & sprinkled Togarashi. Yummy and even better the next day - creamy inside, almost croquette-like.

Perfect accompaniment for this yummy three-tier bento box…

Bento Box by Niki Nakayama’s n/soto - Los Angeles


Happy Lunching!


I would be happy lunching on this! Pretty box plating.
There’s spam-rice nori parcel.

Also try stuffing leftover meatballs into baguette or small rolls. Lots of gravy and chilli sauce complete the meatball snack.

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Thanks! The Bento was a delight. Can’t wait to try her next one!

I will definitely do that with the meatballs. Yum! This is one of the last meals I had at a beloved local Scandinavian deli (Olsen’s) before they closed down after 72 years.

Meatballs w/Pickled Beet Salad, Crispy Onions, Brioche


^^ Haha… correct amount of meatballs.

I’ve stuffed bread with a few versions:


Used Liege fruit syrup in the gravy


That must be Cantillon in the Cantillon glass, no?

Italian combo


So professional.


Sometimes I like to feel fancy.


Rollmops and North Sea shrimp. The ball is cooked and pureed beetroots. If there’s potato mash then this meal is called Labskaus.

First bake in the new oven. A few things in the filling are crisp-fried tempeh, fresh turmeric, marrowfat peas, crisp-fried shallots (store-bough) and lots of grated double-smoked ricotta.

Ricotta with boozy blood orange-honey sauce

The booze for me. The partner doesn’t drink whisky (more for me :joy_cat:).

Took a few photos of my house the day before moving in. The built-in Bosch microwave-oven stopped working last year. This is my kitchen and how much working counter surface I have!

Everything remains the same except the new Miele microwave-oven. My neighbours on both sides have had their kitchens renewed once or twice since we got this house. The kitchen appliances are not important to them so they got entire new kitchen that came with them in the package. It’s much easier that way but I only want to renovate my kitchen and install appliances of my choice. Now I found out it’s almost impossible to find businesses that only renovate kitchens. So looks like we have to do it ourselves.

I don’t remember anymore. Photo is a couple of years old. It could be some other beer in Cantillon glass. Sometimes I want to use a certain shape for a certain beer.

I got 4 different ones at Cantillon. Very nice and high quality glasses. When you go to Cantillon you can get your own :triumph:


So unfair! I wonder if it’s because of tradition or economic reasons. In the US kitchen (and bathroom) renovations are big business and companies specialize in the work.


Vietnamese spring rolls / cha gio - from a home chef catering service ordered a while ago, extracted from the freezer.

I made some fresh nuoc cham, and used baby salad greens to wrap.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold