Lunch 2021

Simple lunch today, only had to open packages.


Robin’s first sunbath this year. He tried really hard to get some fleas or something out of his feathers, behind the ear/neck. Beak opens like this to ventilate.

A year ago in Mexico…
Curious whale approached me, whilst staring directly at me (yellow square in photo is the eye).

This is the clearest and closest of a whale’s eye I ever saw. I was in a trance. I think the whale was, too. Locking eyes with this majestic creature was such an intense emotional experience. You would get the chills, too. In terms of distance, my face was right above the water and the eye was right under the surface so yes it was very close indeed.

This is the whale’s point of view. (open here)


From the robin’s sunbath to the whale, everything about this post is enchanting. Oh, and there’s the lunch too.

Thanks for this window on the world!


Thank you, Denise!
I hope you get to experience the whales one day. :whale: And I thought Antarctica, the high arctic (Spitzbergen), the elephants (Namibia), and the polar bears in Churchill were incredible. But the whales… they blow them all out of the water.

Hopefully next year again :whale:


Italian hoagie with prosciutto, coppa, salami, and provolone, with potato chips.


Mmm mmm!

Would love more info on this.

Nice haul.


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BLAT and potato chips


Re tofu puffs, I just cooked them in chicken broth. The recipe calls for a different type of tofu (semi firm) and it’s cooked like Schnitzel, then prawn roe is sprinkled on top of the tofu right before eating.

Tofu puffs are also great in stir-fries and (noodle) soups.

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We enjoyed shepherds pie for lunch today. Simple and comforting.


Impossible burger, brioche bun, Mayo, little ketchup, Tabasco, onion, romaine, spicy sweet pickles


I’m solo this week, and have never enjoyed cooking for just me, so I don’t eat that well when alone. I was inspired by great looking sandwich pictures, so I made a wonderful sandwich w/hand shaved ham, Duke’s Mayo, French’s Ballpark Mustard, sweet onion slices and baby dill slices, on a toasted French roll. It really hit the spot, and no need for dinner. Could have used a few potato chips, but didn’t have them.


I’m with you - stubbly ham is just not my thing. :slight_smile:

Excellent sandwich, now I want one too

Actually, I think it’s more like hand sliced ham, but there were shaved pieces on there, which was what I hoped for.

BUT, glad it you found it appetizing, I think? Hopefully you can satisfy your craving though! :upside_down_face:

As I wrote my earlier post, I did have an image of a razor, shaving a ham lol. :rofl::joy_cat::rofl: - kind of like when I see a huge hand rolled doobie when I think of smoking fish.

I just see a guy gripping an entire 10-pound salmon between his lips and desperately trying to light it. :slight_smile:

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Big salad with mozzarella, farm box greens must be used.


Loco moco with macaroni salad.


I made this for lunch. Quince paste from the market was good. Highly recommend. Walnut bread nabbed from Lidl.


Looks great, I’ve been craving Loco Moco.

If I may ask. How do you do your gravy? Hoping you have a quick short cut version. Thanks.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold