Let's talk lobster [NJ]


I’ve never seen whole lobsters at a food truck. I’m sure it exists though. There must be a reason why it isn’t more popular.


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Neither have I however when I see a “Cousins Lobster Truck” I did assume they would have some sort of plain lobster offerings. The lobster roll was very good and I would encourage you to try it. I do notice now that I look at the link you provided for Freehold they do list a “tail and tots” on the menu, they didn’t offer that on my visit.

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It would be difficult to keep live lobsters in a food truck and I’d never order a previously cooked whole lobster, anyway. My guess is that the lobster meat in the rolls, tacos, whatever was cooked and shelled elsewhere and delivered. Note that the lobster rolled contain no tail meat. Uncooked lobster tails can now be frozen whole. Tails demand a premium. That Cousins provides an excellent product means they know what they’re doing. Some previously cooked and packaged lobster is frozen with added brine and salt. Doesn’t sound like Cousins goes that route. I’d certainly try one of their lobster rolls.
In any event, if I don’t see a lobster tank, I’m wary of ordering lobster at an unfamiliar restaurant.

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I’ve never watched Shark Tank. We first learned about Cousins when a “Coming soon” sign went up last year on the windows of a space two blocks from our Manhattan apartment. The sign included a website, so I checked it out and discovered that they have trucks in many states, including NJ. The fact that the listing for NJ is Freehold was confusing because when I looked at the locations where the truck stops, Freehold was/is not included. (It’s just for registration purposes.) However, I was happy to see that the truck comes to the Gateway Shopping Plaza, in Old Bridge, a 10-15 minute drive from our house.

We went immediately and have gone several times since. It’s usually there Mondays and Fridays, but we always check the schedule which they post weekly for all NJ locations because it can change. We buy the food and take it back to our house.

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck
(That’s Mr. RBI waiting for our order.)

So far, we’ve only had the clam chowder (fantastic!), the Maine lobster roll (excellent)…

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

…and whoopie pies (chocolate and red velvet, both very tasty).

Full photo set here.

The Manhattan restaurant opened a few months ago. We tried it in November. It has a somewhat more extensive menu than the truck. I ordered the fish and chips. Disappointing.

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Who is going to eat the whole thing? :slight_smile:


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$100 is not bad at all, when you consider lobster rolls the size of a hot dog bun usually fetch $20-25. That’s quite a deal.

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