Let's talk lobster [NJ]

So I’m a big lobster fan as some of you may know. What are some good lobster dishes you have had recently? It doesn’t have to be a whole lobster but anything with lobster meat.

I went to the beach tavern on Wednesday night and they served up a nicely broiled 1.5lb bug that was honestly over weight. I swear this would tip the scales over 1.5 and it was a nice hard shell. For 35 bucks I got : sunset view, ample parking where idiots arent going to smash my ride and dent my doors, salty air and a fresh breeze, and some great service. Overall this was a nice lobster experience.

I’d like to hear some other nice trips from HO fans.

I have a pic…let me see if I can load it up.



OK I’m officially jealous.

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Slippers on sale starting Sunday at Shop rite, $ 5.99 a lb.



As far as best dish, I would have to nominate the lobster roll at Reds Eats:


It’s a whole, very fresh, lobster on a buttered bakery bun with more butter on the side.

Best enjoyed weekdays early, before memorial day, or after labor day.

It’s road trip worthy.

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That dish looks great and is something I would order in a restaurant. That is, I am not a fan of paying restaurant prices for a simple steamed lobster. So we can put the Angry Lobster from Rooneys in the mix as well, it’s expensive but it is not something I can do easily at home.

That said the best lobster dish I had this summer was homemade lobster rolls. Lusty Lobster was having a sale on new shell, steamed, 1 1/4 lobsters. I think it was 5 for $35. With those 5 lobsters I made 4 ridiculous lobster rolls with very little effort. Served on buttered and grilled potato long rolls, I didn’t search out the top split ones.

I should add that the lobster roll at Reds is not cheap, it will set you back like $20.

Also, if you time your visit wrong, you can wait up to an hour to get one.

Viking do you ever stop in Kittery? I like the jumbo ones right next to the trading post. They are 20+ but packed with meat. Last time they yelled at me for having a beer on the picnic table. Apparently byob isn’t a thing up there.

I also like the rolls at barnacle billys. Yes it is a tourist trap but the product is great and I love the view.

Tom…good stuff buddy. I’m happy to see you take advantage of some good deals. You scraped all that knuckle meat out right? ; ) any good pics?

Some NJ bugs… I got those from my dad’s buddy Albert who is a commercial lobsterman. I had to use a hammer to get those claws.


Yup. The new shell made it real easy to get all the claw meat. Unfortunately no pictures.

Also, in the past, I’ve defended Bahr’s as a place to get basic seafood …no pastas, or anything more adventurous than clams, oysters, fried/grilled fish. I still stand by that assessment. HOWEVER, I made the fateful choice of ordering the lobster roll at Moby’s earlier in the summer. Horrific doesn’t do it justice, I didn’t see one lump of lobster in there, it was all what seemed to be stringy processed leg meat. Very disappointing.

Darn…sorry to hear that Tom. It is tough to get a good lobster roll around here…much like a cheese steak.

A few warm water bug pics to get the mouth watering: https://goo.gl/photos/SMRvZ3oU2xPmCy7AA

Good stuff there. Saw a guy bring a bug over the rail on a fluke trip the other day. :smiley:

If you might mean Bob’s Clam Hut stuck between the outlet malls and trading post, yes.

I am often stuck between or at outlet malls, my wife is the queen of the outlets, goodwill, antique stores, etc.

Bob’s is good, even if a little touristy. Their fried clams are excellent, I’m a big fan of fried clams.

Thanks for the heads up!

So Buona Sera in Red Bank has 5 pounders on sale supposedly all summer long for only $ 50.

While biguns like that can be tough, usually due to overcooking, I have to say I am sorely tempted.

Also, previous dinners at Buona Sera have left me disappointed.

So has anybody been lately, or given the 5 pounder a try?

Wow…thanks for the info viking. No I haven’t heard but is this a one time special? I’m tempted to go this afternoon. I don’t find the large ones to be tough at all. I think that is a myth.

Viking. I think we are talking about different spots possibly. The one I go to is the outdoor picnic place north of the trading post. It is almost attached to the parking lot. If you haven’t been there they have a good lobster roll…not the most flavorful but dollar for dollar the jumbo roll has the most meat for your buck

Check out website here:


I would call and pre-order, since they prolly do not have unlimited 5lb bugs on site for a Saturday.

Let me know if it checks out, I will make a reservation with la reina for early next week.