Let's talk lobster [NJ]


It’s not work it’s sheer enjoyment. The same for crawfish and blue crabs. Down here crawfish rule because crabs are too much work. Huh? Not too much for the Wifeacita and myself. She never ate a crab until she met me and now she is a master at dismantling them.


Small hardshell bugs are the best. They just aren’t aren’t here now. They fished them out in NJ. It was good while is lasted though. Grilling those suckers up with some butter was what dreams are made of. I like big 3lb boys but give me a bunch of mini tails and I will take those any day of the week. It’s a new time and day I guess :confused:


I’ve grilled a few in my time and there is nothing better. Like I say I like mine on fresh flour tortillas for my version of a Texas lobster roll.


For those interested:


That seems like a blast! 30 bucks per person. @joonjoon this is speaking your language man

@jcostiones how is 30 a head for all you can eat? Keep in mind we don’t see much like this at all up here. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

I bet this will sell out quickly so we need to make moves if anyone wants to go.


Great deal, do it.


I think I will if I can round anyone up.

Just got back from navesink fishery. 19.99 a pound for 2 pounders…that is steep! That is for take out…not even a dinner.

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Their prices seem to have gone up considerably lately.
We stopped going there. Food was good but value was big seller there. Not so much anymore. We only really got basic stuff so keyport fishery has been the only spot these days we head to for fishery stuff.
Still wish I could find a good crabcake around these parts




Keyport does have better fried shellfish. The issue there is seating, and if you go at peaks hours, there is a line but it usually moves quickly.

The best crab cake around in my eyes is copper canyon. It won’t be the cheapest but it’s STACKED with lump meat. Very good

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we like the flounder at Keyport as well- comes out pretty good. I load up on the tartar sauce too. Agree on the line- we try to get there early to avoid it somewhat; usually just eat it in the car…lol. I just think Navesink is starting to forget what they are- the value was a big part of the equation since atmosphere is nonexistent.
Need to get to CC- my problem is if I do manage to get to AH I want to get to Christine’s first…


Both are good. I can make some recommendations of you want. Completely different style places.

Oh BTW, I only went to navesink fishery after I left barnacles. There wasn’t a damn parking spot and there was a line outside. Sigh. The other parking lot across the street was pretty full too. I didnt feel like waiting.

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Oh my gosh, you’re just teasing me here in Southern AZ, where we rarely get good lobster


Not looking good for a team to get crawfish. I think my dreams of crawfish domination are falling through :frowning:


Has anyone had the lobster roll (or lobster) here?



No, but I’m betting it’s good.


How about this place? Any intel?



Are these the guys from Shark Tank?


I am not sure. I recall Luke’s as another one. They used to be in pier village. I have to look into it.

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Yes, they are the people from Shark Tank and they have a truck at the distillery in Colts Neck that we ordered from a few weeks ago, it is in this thread. Much to my surprise / chagrin, they didn’t offer actual whole lobsters. lol