Let's talk crab [NJ]

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My vote final vote is for a koi (amur river carp).

I did a little research and was surprised to find there are lots of different colorations, having mostly seen the orange & white and black varieties. To me the fish third from the left has similar colors:

According to wikimadeuppedia, they are supposed to revert to more natural carp colors if they are released into the wild:

Quoting from the article:

“Koi have been accidentally or deliberately released into the wild in every continent except Antarctica. They quickly revert to the natural coloration of common carp within a few generations. In many areas, they are considered an invasive species and pests. In the state of Queensland in Australia, they are considered noxious fish.”

My guess is that someones koi pond got flooded in Sandy or Irene, and this is one of the illegal immigrants who made a run for it. The damn things like most carp can live to be 150-200 years old.

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Wow, left some low hanging fruit there.

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I like the Ultimate Feast at Red Lobster. Lots of stuff on one plate to enjoy.

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I like the RL for the all you can eat shrimp fest.

They usually have five kinds on the special, of these the scampi are surprisingly good. The servers however tend to get annoyed when you ignore the sides and send them back for the tenth helping. I try to tip them well to keep delivery moving.

This should be coming up in September again, there is an epic article about an eight hour freß orgy here:

These guys only did 150 or so per person, I’m thinking we could easily beat that.

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In high school a fellow defensive lineman and I went to Sizzler for a steak and all you can eat shrimp night. We saved the tails of the shrimp to keep an accurate count, and somewhere in the 200 range (100 each) we requested another serving of shrimp. A few minutes later the manager came out with a plate of shrimp and the check and placed both on the table. I said: "Hey I thought this was steak and all you can eat shrimp night for $ 19.95 (or whatever the price was in 1987), the manager stopped looked at me and said: “Yes it is, and that is ALL the shrimp you can eat for $ 19.95” and walked away. :rage:

I think they knew the year before I was a cook at the Ponderosa in Ocean County Mall. (speaking of which I was surprised to see the old steak chain still alive and kicking on a trip to Florida)

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Florida is where everything goes to die…

Wonder how old the average patrons is?

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I have to take that back. Looks like there are plenty of Ponderosa’s all over the mid south and middle west, including Western PA and NY, in addition to FLA:


Just none around here.

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Getting back to Shrimpfest, it seems we might have another NOT Jr challenge on our hands here.


Just in case you forgot the last challenge in a meat induced coma…

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I went for a late lunch, it really wasn’t what I was looking for however seeing it made me way to reminiscent not to stop in and check it out. The set up was significantly different then when I was a cook at one, where the entree’ was cooked to order and the sides and salads were pre-portioned cafeteria style. You were given a number to place on your table and your entree’ was delivered upon completion.

The one in Florida was straight up buffet, AYCE, with far more extensive options then what we offered in the past. Also what was disappointing was the kitchen was no longer open. We use to routinely do things to “gross out” customers, such as placing our grill spatula under our arm as they passed us on the cafeteria line, etc. We had a bunch of “nonchalant” things we would do to see what if any customers were paying attention to the kitchen staff. Ironically we were rarely chastised for the stunts.

Regarding the shrimp challenge, I get my all you can eat, peel n eat and fried shrimp fest on at the Chinese Buffet on 36 in Eatontown. Both of which are very passable.

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Yes, but do they have parmesan crusted or shrimp scampi?

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Yes, actually they do and if freshly placed out they are passable. (again given where you are and what you are paying) They have stuffed that are pretty good, for what I believe are probably frozen. If not then kudos to their cook(s) for the uniformity they are able to produce, also they have very good shrimp in coconut sauce and a spicy shrimp. Honestly a lot of their shrimp and chicken dishes are very passable. If anything I have found the Chinese food is actually the worst of their options.

(side note, the Chinese buffet is one of my guilty pleasures…well that and various google searches that include midgets, but that’s getting off topic)


I’ll report back after I read the posts later, but this fish was netted in the back Barnegat bay so I think we can eliminate that species.

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Not that I’m trying to get all technical with you, but if a sponge can adapt to live in a pineapple under the sea, then can’t a carp / koi adapt to sea water? Just sayin’ CJ…


Didn’t RL do away with the ayce shrimp? I thought they did but I might be wrong.

I’m thinking Jr could dust off 150 peel and eat but he would probably need a few people peeling for him. I think the Chinese place would just stop brining them out after the trays started disappearing though.

As for the koi lookalike, maybe it was a koi that jumped out of a pond on the canals or maybe some idiot threw him in the river not realizing they are worth money and don’t like salt lol


You were a d lineman, what a cement head. Oh wait, I played defensive line.

Some of my friends and I would go to an all you can seafood place in Houston called Angelo’s Fisherman’s Wharf. One day we all opened with 72 nice sized raw oysters plus untold amounts of oysters Rockefeller, boiled shrimp, and fried shrimp. Dessert was an excellent piece of fried chicken and a biscuit with butter. I think it was twenty bucks in early 80’s money.

We also liked an Asian place that had a grill on the table. You went to a cooler to get all the meats and vegetables you wanted.

We were told not to return.


Forgot to mention since this a crab thread, summer was all you can eat blue crab in place of the oysters. We usually went oysters since it was easy to catch blue crabs.

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Carp are the friggin cockroaches of the Marine world. They can thrive in water would kill other fish. Also back part of Barnegat will be brackish as opposed to full on salt water.

According to Orvis brackish is not a problem for carp:


Silly me… I thought that was your Native American name.


Another thought today was that maybe an osprey picked up the fish and dropped it. I’ve seen this many times while fishing/ crabbing/boating. This just dawned on me. I’ve had a few ospreys actually pick up some top water lures surf fishing, but luckily I never hooked one. Maybe this was a koi dropped by an osprey. The coloring is throwing me off. It looks sick and the coloring seems off. Plus I don’t see too many silver koi. The body seems too elongated and thin for a koi though. The plot thickens :slight_smile:

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Agree. It’s a sick koi.