Come one Come All to Apella Eatontown NJ for the Jr Mixed Grill Challenge....9/8 Thurs 6pm

Ok people…there has been enough talk about it, but the time has come for us to find out just what I’m made of. @seal is already in…Thursday Sept. 8th 6pm. let’s get together for some good Greek Eats where you can watch me try to take down the infamous Mixed Grill !!!

I welcome you all to come join Seal and I as we see if I am up for the task. Plenty of room for all to join and partake in some good food and talk with your fellow Hungry Onion friends. Hope to see you there!!

(Seal will be opening from 5:15-5:30 and autographing head shots from 5:30-6pm then the main event) ((I’m kidding just get there at 6pm))

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Having already made my thoughts known about the mixed grill at Apella, I will only be a spectator as the great Jr plays Man vs Food. I will however be there cheering for him, rooting him on, and providing antacid tabs for when he’s done.

As PT Barnum once said, “Why is the freaking bathroom door locked?”

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Dangnabbit, I’m consulting that day up in North Jersey. Maybe if I get out early…

Seal will call you out early.

Dog ate my report ? Won the Irish Sweepstakes ? Meteorite strike ?

Did I ever tell you how meteorite is a greek word?

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Uh, the headline says 9/6 not 9/8. You may still be within the window that allows you to edit. If not, we can contact Sampson to see if he’ll make the change.

Barring any meteor strikes or lottery wins, I’ll be there–likely closer to 6:30.

It is not letting me edit it. I will email Sampson. Thanks!! (I’m the king of the typo!)

Ummmm meteor you get a pass, lottery win you better still be there but you get the check!!! (As Roz has pointed out it’s Thurs. the 8th!! I had the wrong date in the title)

I will definitely go unless I am out of the country :smiley:

Awesome, would be great to see you again. (Please note the date in the subject is wrong the date is 9/8 not the 6th)

We might come. Gluttony is my second favorite sin to watch.

I can’t make any promises but I’m generally good for 2 or 3 sins a night so maybe I’ll get your favorite in there as well!


Lol. I’m an idiot. Even though I was in on the planning I thought it was this Thursday night.

I will be there a week from Thursday.

How about sloth?

Like my new avatar?

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I did at first as well!

You will have to go there to find out.

(Yes viking nice avatar. Just out of curiosity how long did you have the same avatar on CH before I had you change it?)

JR, I was somewhat resistant at first, but then I gave in and it felt so good.

And then I couldn’t help myself, I was doing it all the time.

Come on, switch it up. You know you want to…

Give in to the dark side…


So what are the odds on this event? :sunglasses:

Will you be in attendance??

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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