Let's talk crab [NJ]


I’ve hooked a couple of seagulls wade fishing the Galveston surf. Avoid this at all costs.

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Pretty sure it looks just like a koi that has been swimming in salt water wondering how the f*k big this pond is.


What type crab do you like best?
I like, in descending order:
King Crab (the big legs)
Stone Crab
Blue Crab
Peekyote Crab
Snow Crab


Our local ospreys have stopped fish next to our building…certainly possible!

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My list would start with King and end with Hermit. (yes I’ve eaten a hermit crab)


Have you ever eaten a mother inlaw? They are some nasty looking creatures!

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Easy there CJ !!! Somethings are not for public consumption!!

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Crabby Daddy bao. Soft shells are in season.


Daaaayum! Where’s that from? I’m allergic to hard shellfish but I’d try that anyway…!

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Fat Bao! Welcome to Houston!

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Any crab that is on mah plate getting into mah belly.

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Again, low hanging fruit.


DAMN. But I’ve got cousins in Houston…


Jr this is a mother in law.


Yeah I have hooked seagulls and pelicans too. Luckily the osprey never got hooked by my lure. That would not have been fun reeling that thing in and releasing him. He was a good 30-35 yards out.


They were accidents as it’s no fun extracting the hooks from the feathers. I risked getting my hand pecked off but I freed them and they flew off to resume their own fishing.

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Whether fish or fowl, if I’m removing a hook from something alive and moving around I’m wearing a good pair of gloves.


Not an option. I’m at least 800 yards out in the water but the pliers I take with me did the trick. Happy birds, happy fisherman.

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You’re right it is, how did you get her pic?