Let's talk crab [NJ]

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Perhaps no softies but if you inbox me your address you can find me on your dock fershore!

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I had soft shells in Annapolis last week. They were on the specials list at multiple places.


Are there any good all you can eat crabs in NJ besides random china buffets?


Local 130 Seafood in AP just posted this:


They’re here folks. My family sent me this pic a few days ago while I was away. I had to “one up” them and gorge on stone crab down in fl. Do any restaurants in NJ have stone claws that aren’t like 20 bucks a piece? Lol. @VikingKaj

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I’ve had stone crab claws at Makkoli Seafood Buffet, East Brunswick. It surprised me the first time at this all-U-can-eat place. It is not always available but the other stuff (not just seafood) is pretty decent.


I believe Peter’s Fishery (BYOB) in Matawan does an all-you-can-eat snow crab legs Sun-Weds 11-8pm for $37.


Pisces Seafood on 37 in Toms River had some beautiful soft shells last week. Grabbed a couple and fried them up for an appetizer - so delicious!


OK we need to bump this up.

My haul from yesterday. And if you’re wondering if those Sierra nevadas tasted crabby, they did lol. I think I got around 30 or so…pretty slow but a wonderful day on the water.


I wondered if any of my new “buddies” coaxed off of the Fort Point pier (SF) were any “weiser”? Will never know, they took any newfound knowledge to the sauna with them. yum

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For a limited time only:


And it’s trademarked !


Does anyone have any clue what this blue claw “bycatch” is? Lol. It was caught in Bayville and netted as it swam by. @tomt

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That’s what happens when you crab in someone’s koi pond.


Lol…it does kind of remind me of a koi. I think it might be a sick red mullet and was losing its coloring.

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Whoa. No clue right now, but considering some cobia have been caught in the surf this year I guess anything is possible.

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What was the size…4’’ ish?

Also, I commend your kill first and ask questions later approach :raised_hands:


It was 17 inches. I didn’t catch it actually and it was released. My gramps caught it. He is still out there doing his thing. He netted it off his docked boat.

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Remind me in a couple weeks for a specific species, I have a friend that works in a natural science type museum and he’ll ask the fish guys. (he’s a bird guy but on vacation right now)

Anyhow, the consensus right now seems to be with big jriev…something carp-y or a wayward koi

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My vote is further for something in the carp family.

The gold stuff looks like wayward tank fish.

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Ironically that is my spirit animal.