Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

Welcome. I have very fond memories of The Botanical Gardens , fruit bats and of course kottu from when I was in Kandy. The train journey to Ella from Kandy was wonderful.

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Nice to hear that! Yes Kandy is a well-known tourist city. But it has changed since I was schooling there a few decades ago. It’s a lot more built up than it was. And definitely Kottu has also changed a lot since then. lol. Long ago it was made with a lot of ingredients but today only a very few.

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Welcome to Hungry Onion.

An absolutely wonderful vegetable garden.

Best wishes during these challenging times worldwide.

He just made a dramatic show of leaving the board, and he was not in a good mood.


Odd …

Not really. He’s just a guy who hasn’t yet found out he doesn’t rule the world, because he’s so busy ruling it that no one can tell him anything.

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Welcome to HO!


Greetings everyone!

  1. Minneapolis-St Paul & the Southern California desert
  2. I’m not an authority on anything; just a general enthusiast.
  3. I once had the immense pleasure to dine with Julia Child and her sister in Mill Valley. Lovely people.
  4. I’m a quiet single professional man who spends his free time cooking and reading. I mainly drink bourbon, but also enjoy gin, and beer.

From MSP and Socal, or originally from the frigid North and escaped?


Born and raised on an Iowa farm and sneaked out after college. Spent 20 years in SF and the North Bay. Moved to the Twin Cities for professional reasons and bought a home in SoCal to escape the winters. The TC’s winters are long and bitterly cold but the summers are spectacular. So now I’m a Hawkeye quietly living in enemy Gopher territory. Haha.


Welcome @Respectfully_Declined ! Hope you enjoy exploring our community.


One good thing about growing up in Kansas was that we always had Iowa to make fun of.
My best friend’s 1st wife ( also the lead singer) was from Estherville/Lake Okobochi.
My niece and her hub live in St. Paul.
I left the middle of the country because I hate snow and cold.


Lol are you Cameron Tucker-Pritchett? (your bio reminded me of the character from Modern Family) Welcome to our little corner of the foodie-net I hope you and your alter ego Fizbo (you’ll have to google the character) enjoy your time here!!


Lead singer of the Hobotones? (Hungry Onion Band, Organized To Obliterate Needless Egg Smashing)

Lol! That’s us!


Welcome @Respectfully_Declined!

I can’t hear Mill Valley without hearing that song, even though I lived in NYC when I first heard it.

It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola!

I’ve been in Solano County for 30 years and I’m intrigued by 1:55.

Okay, I now realize you didn’t actually live in Mill Valley.



An accurate representation of their careers


How come you didn’t call me?! :blush:


Am I the only one who finds it curious that some folks join the board happily enthusiastic and heartily welcomed and that’s it? They never post again, lol. :thinking:

They made me reading along.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr