Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

Hi, Mimi! I’m one of those people who loves food and lives in Florida (Tampa)…but have been told that if you made it to 50 and never grew up, you don’t have to.

I’ve been here for most of my life, so ask away about all the weird and wonderful stuff we have here.


I will keep it in mind especially when covid is under better control, I love Tampa and haven’t been there for 25 years I am looking forward to going there again. I will contact you for ideas on where to go.

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Just not a ton of action on the PNW board. But Babette and I are also here. I think so is Kaleoku (?) because he posts a lot for places up here.

I haven’t seen him here for a while, but yes there’s a lot of information from him.

Here, far far away in the other Washington, all I have to offer is https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/podnahs-pit-portland-oregon/

I live in Southern California (9b for my gardening friends)
I am passionate about growing the best tasting ingredients (we all know storebought produce is lacking)
Flavorful ingredients means you don’t need to cover everything in salt and seasoning… From your backyard means you can choose… No poison. Even Organic isn’t what most people believe look it up. You can literally use poison!
I have travelled the world from a young age with my family, spent my early years in Germany, then back to California, then the Army had me in Tennessee and far off lands (3 war zones). Let me tell you the Army moves on its belly! The best Army food is either in Bosnia (THE BREAD!) or Iraq… Something about having lobster, steak, and Crab legs weekly that gave you reason to drive on! And the cranberry juice…


A warm welcome to you @OrganicCavalry, and thanks for your service!
Your gardens are absolutely beautiful! You will probably be interested in the various gardening topics we have, since we have a few knowledgeable and passionate growers here. Don’t hesitate to ask, if you need anything.

I’m up here in the Seattle area, in zone 8b.

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Thank you I look forward to learning and sharing with yall.

If you cannot be bothered to make the simple things perfectly, you will never make the difficult things easily!

Perfect is good enough.

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Welcome, Ryan! Thank you for your service. And you grow ALL of that? Ohhh, how lucky you are (as I sit in snowy New England).


Beautiful photos! And welcome to the group!

I do limited (townhouse) gardening in DC 7a and am about to start a patch on low, sandy, deer and rabbit-infested, un-fenced soil by the Chesapeake. I’m thinking lots of fragrant herbs, various hot peppers, and lots of wood ash. It should be an adventure


Welcome John and Ryan. Already excited after reading your posts and intro’s. This is a very friendly forum, collective wisdom and great humor.

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Thank you…

I can grow just about anything here… including Tropical stuff.


Always a challenge try not growing in rows but instead clusters mixed with stuff they dislike… maybe Nettle? But plant them easy stuff too… Good luck!
My challenge is squirrels, skunks, raccoons, etc…

That’s absolutely ideal!

I don’t know exactly for what, but definitely ideal. :slight_smile:


Oh - I figured out why it’s ideal and for what - first, plant things that are very attractive to deer and rabbits; second, broaden your culinary horizons to greater inclusivity of the wide variety of natural local options, if you know what I mean. :laughing:

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Yay! Sunset or USDA zones? I’m thinking USDA. Blueberries in SoCal! I lived there a few years. Never thunk it. But I was in Westwood then. We are Sunset 8/9 now, or I sometimes I like to think 14/15 here, and Air Force via Travis AFB.

I see you have already found the garden forum. See you there!

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  1. Kandy, Sri Lanka
  2. Sri Lankan food with a modern twist
  3. Eating a quiet meal prepared by myself.
  4. I am interested in website developing, as a hobby. I also grow some cloves, tea, and black pepper.

Welcome, LMS!


Welcome aboard! I’m looking forward to some recipes!


Thanks everyone. I’ll be able to post a better reply when I’m on computer. Currently on the phone :grinning:

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