Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

  1. I’m on the west coast of Canada.

  2. My current pet topic related to food is kitchen equipment that does its job right and that is well made.

  3. My great food experiences are not “great” in the usual sense. I like lazy comfort food. If I suddenly won the lottery one Friday, I would not go to a fancy restaurant, I would just get really good pizza and really good beer. :grin: My proudest cooking moments are not complex dishes, just feeling like I got a little closer to doing a simple dish right, closer to understanding how it’s done.

  4. I don’t like the taste of honey.


Welcome! May I ask how did you find this forum?

I can’t remember for certain, but I believe I was searching for a cookware discussion and it involved a person who was a member both here and at The Other Place. :slight_smile:
He was pretty enthusiastic about Hungry Onion so I stuck around.


I agree with you. These days the dish that gives me wow effect are “simple” dishes that made by people cooking the same dishes all their life and that “perfection” is that part make the difference.


Good choice!! Welcome!

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Hi @naf Belated thanks to you and everyone for the welcome!

This is the third time I joined a food forum within the last decade and definitely the best newbie experience so far. Quite different from the hostility and suspicion I initially experienced on CH (a volunteer mod thought I was a notorious sockpuppet). I’ve dined with some former Hounds IRL most notably at Tacolandia, a taco fest in Los Angeles and Shunji restaurant for sushi and double truffle Japanese rice.

Thanks for letting me know about the Sourdough thread – after posting, I tried to edit my comment, but got locked out by the 11:30pm maintenance that night and then you saw my erroneous comment the following day. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Interesting how HO doesn’t allow late edits to a personal post. I see this happens to HO veterans, too – I’m gonna call this site’s quirk, "got Chennai’d."

I was invited to the board by @ipsedixit and he’s offered to correct my edits if I get locked out again :rofl:

About the Alain Ducasse restaurant in Tokyo, it really is called “Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo” – it’s in the Chanel building in the ritzy Ginza district and guess what color the decor is? :wink: The cuisine emphasizes “natural flavors” and ingredients from Kamakura. http://beige-tokyo.com/en/


Belge is a good name for a country. Beige is a good name for a colour. Beige is maybe not such a great name for a restaurant. :slight_smile: (in this case partly because someone named Ducasse could easily be Belgian)

In HO, the members can edit the post within the hour after initial posting, after that time you need to contact any mod to get it edited.

You can read more on this subject here.

Haha, I even misread beige as belge, hopeless me. I see, a collaboration between Chanel, interesting! Thanks for the link. Hope to read your Tokyo experiences soon, when traveling is back to normal, love all types of food there.

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I made this mistake already! After @foodshutterbug 's explaination, I understood better. Beige is the name of a perfume of Chanel. I guess when a restaurant is situated inside a Chanel building, one should have a name related to the brand. LOL!


:slight_smile: True … it just might be better to call the restaurant “No. 5”.
Or “Allure Eau Sensuelle Eau de Toilette”


“Handbag” ? :grin:

OK, I’ve thought about it, and the true solution is to combine them all:
“Allure Beige No. 5 Eau de Handbag”.

I’m calling Ducasse tonight to tell him. :grin:

Ducasse should cook with some nº 5 or Beige to create a dish, or invent an Eau Ducasse!

Haha, his biggest combat now is to have the French government reopens all the restaurants here and to have tourists visiting…

Now the government is starting to say that probably after Christmas and new year gatherings, there will probably be another peak of Covid in February. The original plan is to have restaurants reopening in mid January, but they are talking about closing again in February. This is the case of ski resorts will probably be closed the whole season.

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Recently moved to So FL
I am most passionate about foods that are simple but full of flavor. foods that are not boring canned prepackaged
Eating in Italy when I walked into the restaurant the smells of good food embraced you, the meal served delighted the eyes and the taste gave you a moment of bliss. it was simple food made with care.
I am an old lady still working as a nurse, I love food. I am a grandmother, a mother, and a pet owner.


Welcome, Mimi.

If you like food you’ve found the right place. Also, we have members who are “older”/grandparents/live in FL/well-travelled/love food.


Your list was all true up till this, but I think it would only be fair to ask for some supporting evidence on that last one - you’re claiming there are people here who love food? Not something I can say I’d noticed before. :grin:

Mimi, welcome. :slight_smile:

OK, I am the one who loves food. That’s one.

Most people are here for the “drama” and to kill time. :thinking: :shushing_face:


DON’T TELL THEM! Someone will find out!!! :grin:

Welcome @Mimi, you’ve found a great place, with all things food, and related!

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Ah! I’m just starting a series of posts on South Florida restaurants on https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/. These are mainly in SW FL and Key West. There are earlier posts on SE FL.

@Mimi, welcome. I am not a grandmother, but I could be! And my son lived in Florida for a minute.

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The Ducasse Restaurant “Beige” is in Tokyo, Japan.

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