What's up with the short fuse for editting?

I blow it all the time and have to edit a couple times . I’m back here in little over a hour and unable to edit my post . What’s up with that ?


I am having trouble, too.

The original thought when i set the time limit for editing to 30 minutes when I first set up the site last week was:
-it may be too confusing to show the edit history (which i disabled now, or may its just my concern?)
-given there is no edit history, i figure it may be a good idea to limit the editing time, so that not too many replies come before edits and cause confusion.

With that said, do folk prefer
-still disable the edit history, but lengthen the edit window. if so how much do you think is reasonable? or
-lengthen the edit window even more, but make edit history available to everyone, to avoid the issue of replies before edits.


I think it is a balance. I agree with you. In my opinion, 30 min is a must. A lot of people do not proof-read before posting. Afterall, most of us create this more like a “informal conversation” than “formal writing”. Me included. On the other hand, it would be ridiculous to allow people to edit after a week.

I would think 1 hour is a good balance point. Maybe 2 hours the most.


I tend to find mistakes after having edited, re-edited, or think of what I left out. I don’t care about edit history, but I see no harm in leaving it up, either. I have been cut short at 30 minutes, seeing myself quoted with misspellings, errors, bad syntax, etc.


60 - 120 minutes should be fine for most people.

Experience from another (non-food) board is that leaving it open for days can be used effectively by trolls and others with bad intents. We’ve had a number of experiences where heated argument has been provoked and the initiator has then changed their original remarks to make them look the victim.


thanks all for the feedback- i changed to 60 minutes editing and enable everyone to view edit history (to avoid the trollilng issue Harters brought up). let me know if you run into issues. thanks.


That’s better .

with the edit history being public, i just changed the edit time limit to 1 day.

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Does this mean I can’t go back next year and delete a subset of my posts?

The way to handle trolls is to ignore them, not try to preserve their prior comments forever.

I however should have the right to do as I wish with my posts. If I made a mistake, I should be able to correct it next week, not just today. If I’m embarrassed by what I previously posted, I should be able to remove it.

I also don’t get the value of having the edit history public, for the same reasons. You don’t own my previous words, and if I want them not to be public I should be able to do so if I actually own them.

This isn’t the Supreme Court, it’s just a food board.

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Here’s what I am trying to balance: If one is allowed to edit, i.e. after people read their post, the edit history should be public. case in point, someone flame another person, caused an uproar, they go back and edit their original post and make themselves the victim. without edit history, the ability to edit can be unfair to other posters and readers given this is an interactive forum. This is i believe not too different from a situation from writing to op-ed on a newspaper, once its published, one can certainly try to append to the original comment, but because people read the submission and react to it, its not reasonable to expect the newspaper to allow the submission to be pulled or edited at will for an indefinite period of time.

alternatively, if the edit history is not made public, people shouldn’t be able to change their original posts for forever. they can ‘edit’ their original post by appending.

background: why it was changed from 1 hour to 1 day. people have been asking me to correct their posts. I want them to self-serve so enlarging the window.


If you are limiting how long a poster can edit or delete their post, that seems somewhat incompatible with this. If I own my writing, I should be able to modify or delete as I wish as long as I wish, without having to delete my account (which I assume is the current situation, correct me if I’m wrong).

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I have never been on a forum site that allows indefinite periods for editing. This one is longer than most, with the change made.


thefreshloaf.com is the only one I’ve encountered with indefinite editing. dropped out - it may have changed, dunno.

Most of the sites I post on allow indefinite editing. It may have something to do with who owns the copyright, I don’t know. If you own your own copyright, how can someone prevent you from editing what you wrote, deleting it, whatever?

If you guys stick with showing the entire edit history, I’m going to move to FTC full time. That is not a problem there.

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In other words, you think you own my posts. Victims? You really are making this too complicated. It’s just a food board.

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They’re not Shakespeare, it’s just a food board. :wink:


Yes, it is just a food board, but are you making it too complicated?

We are all responsible for what we publish. We are responsible because other people responds to them and other people read them. The moment I post something (here or anywhere), my content is part of something much larger. It is part of a conversation. In this spirit, it is nicer to keep everyone accountable for what they published. In all honesty, I don’t think it is nicer to join a forum where half of the stuffs can disappear after one week.

Accountability goes a long way in creating a positive environment.


In the beginning I favoured unlimited editing in the sense that additional information can be added to a post, or some small errors in the information posted.

But after some thought, I think 1 day is pretty reasonable. If after a certain period, you have changed your mind about an issue posted, you can talk about this in the conversation. People have difficulty following if the suddenly certain things got edited, or you changed your point of view every 5 days.

Totally agreed


Suggestion: if you are extremely unhappy of things you wrote, in the extreme cases, you can contact the administrator to ask for modification. He can add a note to inform the others. (to be fair to everybody but not only the writer of the post)

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