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A look into a lifestyle that 99% of us are (vaguely?) aware of but will never experience. Thanks, and welcome!

Curious about the cooking technique high on air, are they very different? I bet cooking with fire is forbidden? How about smoke management?

Welcome Chef! Glad to have you on board!

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Haha you are absolutely right there, fire is a no no! Electric everything, which is a pain but you get used to it. One thing that heston has absolutely right in a series he did about plane food is that seasoning is more important than ever. It seems the altitude does really affect flavour.

As for smoke management, just open the window a little. Nah of course im joking. Planes have great filtration units and i have never actually noticed any major build up. I tended to only cook for an average of 15 guests so it wasn’t any where near the numbers of your typical restaurant.

One thing that did take a lot of getting used to is the safety catches on every drawer, door and cupboard. I cant tell you how many times i have forgotten to put the latch back on a cupboard and have everything pour onto the floor…

  1. From Ukraine
  2. Thai, Italian food, UK style Indian curries, Sunday roasts, Turkish kebabs, Steaks, Low and slow BBQ, Espresso
  3. So many amazing food memories of Japan.
  4. I’m as passionate about food, travel, craft, biking.

Welcome aboard! The more the merrier. Are you still in Ukraine? If not, where are you based?

Welcome to Hungry Onion.

Do you cook Ukrainian food often? If you do, what are some of the typical dishes?

I like eastern European cuisines. Beetroots, (sour) cream, cabbage, roe, potatoes, gherkins, dumplings etc I love these ingredients.

Am also a fan of Japan and everything in it.

Look forward to reading about your food and experiences.

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Welcome to HO!

  1. I currently reside in Santa Monica, but I left my heart in San Francisco where I was born & raised.
  2. I’m passionate about sourdough discard - not an expert, but I’ve made over half a dozen different things so far. Might create a thread.
  3. In 2019 I dined at Tour D’Argent Tokyo and had duck three ways including pressed duck and table side flambeed crepes for dessert - I’ve heard Beige Alain Ducasse in Tokyo is even better. Due to my work, it’s easier to get to Tokyo (once the pandemic travel ban is lifted), but Tour D’Argent in Paris is on my bucket list.
  4. I go gaga when there are edible flowers on a dish be it sweet or savory.

Welcome @foodshutterbug !! Hope you find this forum useful and enjoy your stay here.

I would like to know definitely! I’ve been starting to make my starter about a month ago, I’ve still trying to improve. There is a thread on this topic.

LOL! I live in the surburb of Paris, and I haven’t made it to Tour d’Argent yet. Problem here there are many new and fabulous restaurants and the established places have to wait. Since a few years Tour d’Argent has been changing head chefs quite often, the most recent one is Yannick Franques since 2019. By the way, Ducasse is French not Beige. In Paris, his restaurant in Plaza Athénée cooks mainly vegetables and fish as well, no birds. One needs to try Meurice, but I don’t see duck on the menu.

Right now, with COVID, there is no date when restaurants will be opened in France. If everything goes well, restaurants will open in mid January. It’s a disastrous year for restorations with the 2 lock down and a curfew and missing all the festivals. I wonder how many will survive.



France shall re-open restaurants and bars on January 20th, 2021.

It was announced on both Spanish T.V. and the BBC TV today.

  1. I’m currently in Chicago

  2. I love talking about cooking delicious meals (I did offer cooking classes before), and about running a successful business and providing unmatched satisfaction to the customers. It’s more fun and fulfilling to cook when you see how happy and satisfied the customers are with your creations!

  3. I’d never forget the first gnocchi I tasted, that experience provided me with the right inspiration and idea to start my very own restaurant business! 25 years later, my restaurant, a tavola, is still running profitably and successfully!

  4. Hi, I am Dan Bocik, a 25-year chef and restaurant owner of nationally acclaimed “one of best in Chicago” restaurants, known for world-class customer experience in a highly competitive and discerning market. I am also food-service industry thought-leader with exceptional understanding of efficient operations and profitability.

I provide business consulting and software solutions designed to help restaurateurs achieve better profitability in the food service industry. You can learn more about me by visiting my website at: www.danbocik.com


Welcome to HO, Dan!! We hope you enjoy it here!!

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Welcome aboard, Dan!

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Thank you! I can see that there’s a lot of great people here, so I will definitely enjoy it here. Have a great day everyone!



Welcome to Hungry Onion.

Nice Curriculum Vitae.

Native Spaniard from Barcelona born and bred, and a specialist in travel / tourism of Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Due to Covid (13 / 03 / 2020), my husband, a professional photographer & author, and I are working on our phtotographic book in PDF format and we also produce a photographic enological - gastronomic magazine.

Do not know much of North America, as we attended some travel - tourism conventions in Manhattan, Boston, Wash D.C. and San Francisco, California.

However, we do know The Founder of The World Kitchen, José Andrés face to face.

Best wishes during these highly challenging times worldwide …


hey, also new here and really in love with cooking!


Welcome to Hungry Onion and all our best wishes during these highly challenging times worldwide.

Welcome to HO! Hope you love it here!