Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

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The check is always in the mail…


And yet STILL the NotJr Board is nonexistent. What’s a guy gotta do? :wink:

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Very late to the party, but still. Been lurking, but it’s not my style so here goes - trying my first post here:

  1. In NYC (Manhattan). Travel elsewhere frequently, though not as insanely as a few years ago.
  2. Eating out in nyc, the diversity of indian food, dumplings.
  3. Eating offal as a child before I knew what it was… loving it too much to give it up after I found out what it was…
  4. I can kill any plant, including cacti. But I still keep trying to grow things…

(Gwenn) #678

Welcome!!! I also keep trying o grow stuff I kill!

(saregama) #679

Thanks! Re killing plants… wouldn’t be half as bad if my mom didn’t grow leaves from a dead stick. The green thumb definitely skipped me :slightly_frowning_face:


Glad to see you over here! I don’t post much on CH anymore but still follow a few threads and have enjoyed your posts and enthusiasm!

We’re still young and growing with a really great group of people.

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Thanks! I realized that people from many of the discussions I enjoyed had moved elsewhere… I guess my hiatus from CH had coincided with the site issues. Glad to see some familiar folks :slight_smile:

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:shallow_pan_of_food: G A S T R O N O M O S :shallow_pan_of_food:

  1. Toms River, NJ
  2. My coworkers and friends know i am a hot dog fiend but i enjoy burgers and pizza as well. Big on comfort food as well. I’m the only Italian who can’t hold down onions and garlic.
  3. When i vacation i always look for foodie stops 1st. But Chicago was great! Pan pizza, Chicago dogs, Italian beef sandwiches and that caramel/cheddar popcorn they have there for starts.
  4. I sell wine & spirits. I have a 1959 VW Bus because i don’t do enough driving during my work week<<<sarcasm


That stuff is completely addicting!

Welcome! The New Jersey board is very active. And the the non-Jersey parts are pretty terrific too!

How did you find us?


found via Google. chicago is addicting when it comes to food!

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Welcome to our little slice of the internet. Ocean and Monmouth county have a pretty good presence on the NJ board so I hope you find some people with common interests and tastes!!


Who do you rep for?


Fedway. Federal division

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I used to work for Corterra Wines, the sales arm for Jackson family farms


I remember that group I think. I started in sales in 2002 so I think that group was around early on in my career.

(Gwenn) #691

Yes, I worked there in 2003. They have since changed their name and reorganized.

(Ron) #692

Born in Brooklyn, been in NJ for the past 3 years.

Always ready to talk all things food.

A great experience would be the time my culinary school roommate and I packed our knives and spent 3 weeks driving through mexico learning how to cook and experiencing some of the best food I have ever eaten.

Raised in a butcher shop, culinary school grad, now doing QC for fresh food and loving life traveling from farm to farm…


Welcome aboard. Feel free to check out the Texas board and contribute. It is the de facto Houston board since the rest of the state refuses to contribute but anything Texas is welcome.



I am curious- what kind of things do you look for?