Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

Welcome to Hungry Onion!

I too am interested where you live while in Louisiana, and if you do any Cajun or Creole cooking or if you have developed some hybrid dishes from Nigeria?

  1. SF Bay Area
  2. I’m really into cooking things from scratch. I’m currently obsessing over ice cream and making pasta from scratch.
  3. Spending time with friends, trawling around SF in search of good eats
  4. I’m really into growing my own food. It wasn’t much to start, but 5 years in, it’s gotten much easier, and I usually have more produce than I know what to do with.

Welcome aboard The HO…please to have you here.
I hail from NYC and enjoy meeting all who are here to solve and comment on all of the cooking issues in the world.
I have found this forum to be an egalitarian environment with respect to ability, tastes, and general comments. Participants in this forum are nice people from literally all over the world!
So my first question is?..what do you have so much of, that you can’t ship it to me in NYC??? (lol)


Hi jon,

Welcome and hello from France.

What type of pasta are you making?

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I’ve made tagliatelle, ravioli and tortellini. Here’s some ravioli I recently made.


Thanks for sharing, that looks good!

A few threads of ongoing discussions on pasta, if that interest you.

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They look great & welcome!

Welcome, Jon!

So pretty! I have never attempted to make my own pasta, but that makes it look “easy” and tempting.

Welcome! I’m just starting to wonder what I could grown in an apt situation (balcony too, but it’s too cold here in nyc most of the year) - would love to hear about how you started and what’s worked better/not so well!

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Hi I’m Aretha, i low brownies and cookies with my tea


Welcome Aretha! I hope you enjoy our community. And who doesn’t love cookies and brownies :laughing:

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Welcome to HO…
I think with brownies and cookies, you will make a lot friends around here!

  1. London, UK
  2. Anything like fish and seafood.
  3. I like everything cooked my wife. Just the checker)
  4. I am the fan of Game of Thrones!

Hello there, Billy Ross. How nice that you have found us.

We have a couple of your countrymen on here: A Londoner (Paprikaboy) and north-easterner (Harters). There are also some elsewhere in Europe amongst us and of course many others across the pond.

I am a big fan of seafood and partial to shellfish. Very fond of flatfish myself, brill is a firm favourite.

What are your favourite fish and how do you like them? You could also tell us what you eat on the dinner or lunch thread.

Last but not least, I hear about GoT all the time but have never watched it.

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Aren’t we all. Just hated the ending though. :joy:
Welcome to HO!

  1. Bay Area born and raised
  2. Eating, accessing, and cooking with the best possible ingredients
  3. Walking down Rue Montorgue in Paris with my sister who speaks French like a native. She introduced me as a Chef from SF to the owners of an amazing charcuterie and within seconds I was in the back watching and helping them to debone whole pheasants.
  4. I know live in Costa Rica and work as a private chef

Welcome! Looking forward to you joining in on the many conversations!


Welcome, junglechef!

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Thank you!!