Creative pasta making

I just received a pasta maker for my birthday and can’t wait to learn more. I have mastered fettuccini but want to explore flavored pastas. Any recipes out there?

No real recipe but when I was first introduced to vegetable powders to flavor pasta (from an Italian Chef at a food event) I was like - how come no one ever told me about this!

I really only use two - powdered spinach and beets. Add a few tablespoons to your regular pasta recipe and voila. You can of course use cooked/squeezed spinach or beet puree, but the powders are fast and less messy since they don’t add moisture. You can get them online and/or health food stores/sections.

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Just the info I was looking for! Thx!

Spinach pasta is my “go to” flavor - Marcella Hazan’s spinach lasagna is a wonderful recipe and was a game changer for me with respect to lasagna’s (definitely not a tomato and ricotta style lasagna).

Spinach pasta is pretty easy to do (even without powders). You can just buy some frozen/cooked spinach - thaw it - squeeze as dry as you can (between paper towels or cheese cloth/etc), chop it as finely as you can - them mix it into your dough (from the start along with flour/eggs/etc). The kneading will help distribute it. You may end up needing a little extra flour to compensate for any moisture but not much.

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Take a dried ancho pepper and remove the stem and seeds. Soak in very hot to boiling water until soft and pliable, about twenty minutes, and the use the back of a butter knife to scrape the pulp from the skin and add the Pulp only to your pasta dough and let it mix well. Makes a great ruddy colored pasta with a subtle flavoring that works great with seafood or stir frys.