Leftover rice

What to make with leftover rice ? I have been making basmati rice lately for dinner . The next day I end up giving the leftovers to the blue jays . Any ideas. I really dislike fried rice . Thanks

Do you not prefer just eating it? I cook a batch of rice in the evening, and reheat the rest for lunch the next day.

Or you can make congee. Just add water, ginger, scallion (ETA: and boil). I never made it with basmati, however.


Don’t know I’m new to rice. I’m a potato fan.

The best fried rice is made with leftover rice that has been “harden” a bit with the fridge. Slice some garlic, shallot or onion, cook them in a non stick pan, chop in some meat in small pieces (leftover is fine even better), or small shrimps, or cha siu or ham or bacon etc. You can add some vegetables like peas and mushrooms or chopped lettuce. Add the rice, add oil if necessary, rise the heat slight, stir everything quickly and often, crack an egg to finish it, add salt and pepper to taste and continue stirring for another minute. Sprinkle the rice with chopped spring onion or other herbs.


Stuffed prppers, stuffed avocado, cold rice salad just refresh with fresh herbs and protein. I typically fry an egg and enjoy it over warmed leftover rice.


I had quite a lot of Omu Rice in S Korea (Fried rice wrapped in an omelette). If you don’t like fried rice I’d mix the rice with kimchi, wrap in a thin omelette and then season with hoisin sauce on top.

You could freeze it for another meal. Just don’t leave it sitting round too long for you might get food poisoning.

Some ideas:

  • Arancini or some kind of balls.
  • Fritters
  • Stuff it in vegs, cabbage rolls/parcels.
  • Portuguese chicken soup (with lemon juice and rice).
  • Kimchi rice (but I don’t think you eat kimchi)
  • Nori wraps (I enjoyed kimbap in Korea)

That’s all I can come up with. I don’t have this “dilemma” as I hardly eat rice at home.

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I’ll second that. When I make brown rice, I freeze it in 1-cup containers, which is just the right amount for the two of us for one meal. (In fcat, I usually make it independent of any particular meal, just so I always have it, because you can’t whip up brown rice in a few minutes.)


The save it for later option is always a good bet. My second freezer is home to many such meals.

I"m a huge fried rice fan, love it out and love making it. Just a FYI you can make an awesome fried rice using riced cauliflower, I know it sounds “ewww” but it turns out so yum!! Honestly, outside of the different consistency you would be hard pressed to know it’s now real rice, especially when made with proteins like chicken or shrimp.

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If you’re making it regularly, it shouldn’t be difficult to adjust amounts so you don’t have extra. Otherwise, saute it briefly with onion and peppers, pour beaten eggs over to create a frittata variant.


+1 I make a few servings of rice at a time, find it re-heats well enough in the microwave.

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I’m so into the fried rice clan that I purposely make extra rice with dishes so that that can be cooked in the next day or three. I do Chinese and Thai variations. We often like it better than the freshly made rice…


How do you rice cauliflower? Like with a potato ricer? Is it precooked?

Originally I would steam and use a food processor with varying degrees of success. Now they sell it pre-“riced” both frozen and in some supermarkets (like Wegmans by me) they sell it fresh too. My new favorite is this Green Giant since it has some peas and carrots in it.

Or you can use it as a “base” for a casserole style dish (veggies, meat, a little stock or soup type base, top with cheese and bake.

Rice patties are probably the easiest solution. This version uses an egg amd whatever but of veg or seasonings, although too much veg will give you structural problems. Some scallions and parm would be perfect

Or the japanese rice cakes which are super simple and fatter, i think they should work with basmati. Haven’t made these myself but i like to order them at restaurants, the outer edges are a bit crispy/chewy and the innards are still soft.

Or that retro classic cheeseh broccoli and rice would be easy enough- just sauté an onion and some garlic, add the rice and some chopped steamed broccoli with a handful or more of shredded cheddar and heat everything through. There are plenty of other way to make it in the oven too.

Mujadara would be easier with leftover rice, takes a little patience to carmelize the onions but if you have the lentils cooking at the same time it all comes together (and leftover mujadara freezes well)


Because of this thread I had to make it tonight.


With basmati, I would probably bloom some Indian spices in butter or ghee, toast some nuts and toss it all with the leftover rice for a tasty pilaf-type side.

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