Leftover rice

Thank you for all your replies . Smaller portion , stuffed peppers, arancini, and all other .

Thanks for the reply. This is not a kind of food I was aware of. Looks wholesome.

Asian meatballs

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I actually had some meatloaf that I put a bunch of basmati rice into .

Rice mixed with some ww flour and egg for binder makes a nice crust for an egg bake or quiche.

Cheesy rice. One small bag of mixed frozen vegetables added to a few cups of wild and brown rice mix, 2 tbls. butter and a halff cup of grated pepperjack cheese. Combine all in a large saute pan until heated thru, butter and cheese melted thruout.


Interesting - do you bake it before adding the custard? And does it crisp up? I’m always in search of alternative crusts… but they either stay soggy or the custard leaks though, and I go back to the original.

No prebake. Just be sure to butter or a coat of cooking spray to the pan before forming the crust and adding the egg filling. That will help the rice adhere and slice easily later.

Edit to add: yes once baked the rice creates a nice crust.

I just read that leaving rice out on the counter can make you sick after 2 hours. It has spores that survive cooking . WTF.


But you bake this dish in the oven…what am I missing?:wink:

I am just replying to my own post.


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It can and I don’t think cooking kills it.

2 hours at room temp? Not so risky. Yes, Ideally you’d want it cooled to 40F asap, within a few hours max. But it takes a while for things to grow, I wouldn’t be concerned at 2 hours…


I thought the whole issue was the mold/toxic spores do grow that fast?

Sure, but is it that fast? Bad in 2 hours?

Maybe I live in a magic house.


Place rice in bowl, microwave about a minute, lots of butter and pepper, some salt, stir and feed. Delicious!


Some toasted seaweed flakes and Im with you.


Instead of salt try soy sauce. Because butter + soy sauce = magic


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