Leftover ingredients?

Am I the only one who has trouble using up sweet/dessert/dairy items? How do you all deal with it? I have 90% of a box of whipping cream left in my fridge about to go bad and I can’t be bothered making an entire cake just to get rid of it. Same with milk, throw it away all the time. Why do dairy products have to be like this… Gustavo Woltmann

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It is always tricky, getting something just for one recipe when you normally don’t use it.

Quite a few times I’ve seen discussions here when someone says “I have a lot of extra [something] - what can I make with it?” Often, someone else has a good idea that the first person didn’t think of.

Cream works in a lot of different sauces…


No leftover dairy problem at my house.

Rice pudding
Goes well with chicken/white meat/mushrooms/potatoes etc

Make pancakes. Who doesn’t like pancakes?
I also make bread dumplings all the time using free sourdough bread crumbs from the bakery.

You can buy smaller portions of dairy products.
You can freeze milk (in small portions so you don’t have the same problem again).


Thank you! Sauce is a great idea, although whipping cream might be too sweet… Hmm, I’ll think about it!

Gustavo Woltmann

Great ideas! I’ve never heard of whipping cream being used in pancakes, but it sounds delicious, I’ll definitely try it out!

Wow, bread dumplings. Yummy. I’ve been meaning to get into homemade sourdough bread.

I always buy bulk so I save money, but I just end up losing money lol.

Cheers brother!

Gustavo Woltmann

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The more fat in the dairy, the better it freezes. Milk may separate when thawed, but shake it up and it’s fine for use in basic batters like pancakes or muffins. Heavy/whipping cream thaws well. Freeze it in 4 oz or whatever amounts you are most likely to need for future use.

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Is whipping cream sold with sugar in it, where you are? I’ve never seen it that way here.

Whipping cream on oatmeal is THE WAY to start the day.

Add to marinara sauce -> an Aurora-type pasta sauce.

Creamed chicken (over baked or boiled potato with chopped onion)

New potatoes and peas in reduced heavy cream

Thickly slice mushrooms then let simmer in heavy cream until cream is reduced to a thick sauce. Serve one or two slices on a slice of baguette. Yum cocktail snack.


Around here in NJ whipped cream has added sugar. Heavy whipping cream (36% fat) does not. Most stores only carry 36% but you can get the real deal 40% if you look around.

Make rice pudding. Uses both and once made freezes well.

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Good points. Pay attention to the difference between “whipped” and whipping cream. The former in a pressurized can, the latter in a dairy carton.

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I buy dairy like whole milk, full fat yogurt, sour cream, “cream” in pints or half pints. I can often use what’s left, freeze it if I remember it’s something I can freeze, but if I can’t use it, I don’t feel wretched.

OTOH, I have a LOT of stuff I’ve tried to use by making something else, that I SHOULD have just tossed, and “poured one out” .

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Once food is put into my freezer . It just waits , and waits , and waits . To be defrosted and cooked . It’s always been a problem for me . I envy people with freezer discipline.


I have finally decided in my cooking to use whatever dairy I have on hand. If it calls for whole milk but I don’t have any, I’ll use half and half or heavy cream. No buttermilk or whole milk? Half and half with lemon or vinegar.

I have yet to end up with something that doesn’t taste good. And I’ve used what I have on hand. I’ve given myself permission, and it’s freeing!

So, you’ve sparked a lively discussion here Gustavo! I hope you keep returning!


Somewhere I read that adding a pinch of salt to milk extends the life. I’ve been doing it since pandemic started. Haven’t had any sour milk yet.

Mind blown and Im trying it.

For milk Mark uses non-fat so we buy the bulk bag of dry milk (not the envelopes) and just mix a small amount at a time. For coffee, I use cans of half-and-half, but if I had extra whipping cream around, I’d use that.

(Remember those mixture problems you hated in high school? The techniques come in handy when you’re trying to get whole milkfrom non-fat and half-and-half.)

(And don’t you hate it when wait staff ask, “Milk or cream?” when you know the " cream" is only half-and-half?)

If it mattered, you could water it down a bit - whatever works

From a combination of usually drinking coffee black, and not usually getting coffee at places that are fancy enough to offer the choice, I hadn’t thought of it. I guess it would still make a difference even though it’s not a large amount.

I never enjoyed drinking the dried & reconstituted kind - does he mostly put it into other things rather than just drink it?

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