Leftover ingredients?

Mark uses the NF milk for cereal and instant pudding pretty much exclusively. I sometimes add it to instant potatoes or condensed cream soups.

Thank you for the wonderful regards, Heidi. I was, in fact, quite busy today so I put the cream in the freezer as I had no time to cook. Hopefully it will be work fine when thawed. In whatever form the recipe calls for haha! Brilliant advice.
Gustavo Woltmann

Yummy! Amazing ideas. Thanks
Gustavo Woltmann

Is the dry milk non fat? Does non-fat dry milk work in cake recipes asking for whole? I usually end up buying whole milk for baking.

I use evaporated whole milk in cans for some other things, like coffee, and it seems to last a very long time.

No idea on baking with NF milk (yes, the dry is NF). The canned milk is evaporated, not half-and-half (my mistake).

I’d bet that using non-fat with the addition of butter at 1½ teaspoons of butter for every 3 tablespoons of powder (i.e. 1½ teaspoons per cup when rehydrated) would be close enough for at least most recipes - if you thought the fat level was going to matter enough to bother with adding butter.

I hope my math was OK… one cup equals 48 teaspoons, times 3.25% or 3% or whatever the standard is, gives about 1½ …

It’s possible to get dry whole milk, but it goes rancid too soon unless you’re using it a lot.


I was wondering about that.

We keep dry whole milk powder in the freezer. It stays perfectly fine and doesn’t clump rock hard when you go to use it.


To confuse matters, in these parts “whipped” sometimes also comes in dairy cartons, with added sugar, thickeners, and stablisers, but without the “propellant” you get in the canned kind. Seems like an expensive way to buy air to me, but I guess makes convenience sense to some. (Extreme time-saving, or a morbid fear of whisks…)

Also good for making carbonara sauce the “wrong” way. Warning: maybe cause Italians Angry At Food. :slight_smile: Again assuming this is unsweetened double/heavy/whipping cream, rather than chantilly/dessert/whipped cream. And if it is, consider buying the other kind for greater flexibility! Warning: may cause coronary heart disease if you become too good at buying and using it up…

You can make Paglia E Fieno ( Stray and Hay Pasta) with heavy whipping cream


Perilously close to “carbonara but RONG” – though no bad thing, IMO. Possibly a key distinction being the lack of egg in this one.

Paglia e Fieno is totally different from carbonara. In ingredients, in looks, in flavor, in texture.


Pilgrim: TOTALLY AGREE. Totally different and basically paglia and fieno are always 2 colored; creamy white and a green tagliatella and Carbonara is prepared with Spaghetti tradtionally.

Ingredients totally different and the pasta sauce as well.

Night and day difference.

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