Laugh or cry?

I have a Kitchenaid food processor which I hate. Hated it from the minute I first used it. I used it today to chop 4# of onions, a task which it performs remarkable poorly, and I dropped the bowl. Which hit the floor upside down & cracked off some of the plastic flanges which hold the feed tubes in place. So I can’t decide whether to curse or cheer…

Cheer if you’ve been good. Cry if you’ve been naughty.

Cheer! Research food processors in the next week or two. Then you know what to get yourself for the holidays!

How did you end up with something you hate?

Don’t think I’ve ever known anyone so personally affected by a Cuisinart. :wink:

Well Chem, the 20 yr old Cuisinart died & COSTCO had a deal on the Kitchenaids. It’s another Cusinart for me.

Laugh. Life’s too short to cry over shitty broken appliances.

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It sounds like this accident free you from the demon – so I think you should be happy (in the long run).

Since you bought it from Costco, you might see if you can return it - their return policy is incredibly generous. I don’t know how long you’ve had it, though…

I have a Braun that I’ve been using since the early '80s. Say it with me,“They just don’t make things the way they used to”.


Cheer and get a Breville!

Or maybe you just dislike food processor in general.

So sadly true. I had to have a refrigerator repairman in today as yesterday the fridge started tripping its circuit. Guy checks it out and determines it’s the heating mechanism used in the defrost process. Fridge was here when I moved in 5 years ago, so he checks and finds it’s 16 years old.

So he tells me it’s about $200 to repair plus another $125 for a new icemaker (mine’s toast). It will probably last another 8-10 years as everything else is in good shape. Then he tells me the latest refigerators are designed for a lifespan of 6 years. 6 years! He’s had customers who have had $3000 refrigerators go out after 4 years. Ridiculous.

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My Kitchen Aid stand mixer is one my mom got in the 70’s. It works like a dream. Not as pretty, but still a workhorse.


Speaking of Kitchen Aid… I have my mother’s old KA she got in the '40s. Would you believe? Absolute truth. About 20 years ago I sent away for a replacement bowl, the one that was sent sent to me was not a great fit nevertheless I am still able to use it.


I had a cuisinart for many years that died. I received a magimix for christmas last year and love it! Better than
the old cuisinart but then that could be just that one is new and the other was quite old.

When I was 14, I bought a buttonhole attachment for our old black Singer sewing machine as a Christmas present for my mom, who traded that Singer in toward a new model - my family’s own version of the classic O. Henry tale, except that I was an ungrateful little witch. I wanted the old one back and in fairness to my pout, the new model was finicky and lacked the power of the old one. I used, and loathed, it for over 35 years until my greyhounds broke it (an even longer story). I recommend “Yay!” :fireworks:

According to threads on our former stomping ground, the Cuisinarts of recent decades are not as good as the earlier ones, which were also called Robot-Coupe. The latter is still on some more recent industrial models. My own Cuisinart is from the late 70’s. It has a crack where the lid locks but is still usable if I hold it in place. It’s something I don’t use regularly, and I also have the mini-model which I use where possible, so I hope I never have to get another. If I do, my first move will be to hunt for a vintage one on eBay.

You can probably order a replacement from Amazon.

We’re still using the waffle iron mom got as a wedding gift in 1957. It could probably use a replacement cord, but it still makes perfect waffles.

Mine is from 1985 (DLC-7 Super Pro) and I’ve had to replace the bowl etc several times. The lid with the white plastic lock seems to be the weakest link. One broke recently and I got a mint condition full machine, same model, all plastic intact, DELIVERED, for $79.00 on eBay.

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