Kenji & Deb Obsess Over Recipes on a New Podcast

Episode 1: Stovetop Mac & Cheese


I listened to the first episode yesterday. They’re both good conversationalists, but it was a bit flat for me for the first half.

Then they got into the recipe and recipe differentials, and it got more interesting.

I haven’t made either of their recipes, but it was helpful to hear about milk potentially making things gummy, why they choose the cheese they do, and what end point they’re trying to get to.

Hope they hit a groove in a couple of episodes, because they’ve both certainly experimented with enough versions of things to make for a compelling chat.

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Did you notice anything about the comments on Deb‘s version of stovetop mac & cheese?

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I was excited to read that these two teamed up for a podcast, considering they constitute my first google when I’m trolling for inspo and recipes. But when I saw the topic of the first episode, I heard the sound of a very sad trombone. Couldn’t be less interested in macaroni and cheese, even if it’s these two talking about it. Hoping for more interesting future topics!

I think it must have been picked as a crowd-pleaser. My own reaction was similar to yours.

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You mean… YOU?!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

They have a similar discussion on the show about their kids just wanting box stuff, and being disappointed with homemade in general, and kids’ friends not even recognizing real mac & cheese :rofl:

It was interesting to me, because my nephews categorized the box stuff and the real stuff as entirely different dishes. At this point (teenagers) they vastly prefer real (bec: obviously), but when they were little, there was no confusing one with the other, they happily ate both, just needed a heads up on which one was on offer.

I had a good laugh when Deb talked about adding broccoli to m&c and her kids feeling betrayed and refusing to eat it – my nephews were/are much the same with comfort food and veg, whether m&c or grilled cheese or khichdi: give them a plate full of veg on the side and they’ll eat it, just don’t go messing with the main event! That gets savored after the veg is put paid to :rofl:


Episode 2 — Meatloaf.

I dunno who’s choosing the dishes or the order :joy:

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OMG LOL, that was you :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m enjoying it so far!

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I’m not getting it. I listened only to the mac-and-cheese episode, but I feel Deb P. (and no offense to her here - she operates in a different wheelhouse IMO) is so out-gunned by Kenji, that the whole conversation makes me feel uncomfortable and pandered to (I hate being pandered to). Just my $0.02.