James on Main - Hackettstown, NJ

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Wow you really love this place. Your pictures are really nice! We had high expectations due to your reviews, but we were kind of disappointed. First off, I didn’t like that our table was between 2 tables and were so close together. Anyway, we got the 3-course. I thought that there would be shaved pieces of truffles in the mushroom bisque, but more like grated as I could hardly see them. It didn’t look like your picture and definitely not worth another $20. Then the tuna crudo, the grapefruit kind of ruined it, I couldn’t even remember what the tuna tasted like. I liked the pork belly though. The duck confit was good, but then the watercress puree that came with it was so bitter. The miso glazed black cod, well, the skin was not crispy (maybe it wasn’t supposed to be), but I couldn’t taste the miso either. The dish was just ok. The best miso black cod I’ve ever tasted was at Nobu. The wood fired shrimp was good. I might give this place another chance, maybe try the other dishes.


I am so sorry that you didn’t enjoy your meal at James on Main. It is a very small space, so the tables can be a little close together. I usually request the larger 4 top table by the window ahead of time. The strip steak, hog chop, and burrata are pretty good. They have changed the menu a little since we were last there, so I haven’t tried the spare ribs or duck breast yet. We are going next week. I find that the servers are very friendly and treat us like family (maybe because we are regulars). The Circle in Newton is another nice new restaurant you might like.

Welcome, @IAmAFoodie! I don’t know if you’ve been ‘lurking’ for a while or not, but based on your name, you’ve come to the right place. :slight_smile: I haven’t been to James on Main because I live in Central NJ now, but spent most of my life in NNJ until I made the leap over the Driscoll. What are some of your local favorites up there?

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