I've got a lot of plums!

More plums!

When my benefactor brother by, I offered her plum jam…but she didn’t seem to understand! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m doing plum catsup



and butter this time… The butter recipes seem so simple.

.and syrup, and wine. Wine seems easy too.

This "wine " uses vodka.

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Just wanted to say your plum jam, as pictured on the WFD thread, is absolutely beautiful in color, and I’m sure, in taste too! Wish my plums were red, rather than green! Oh well…

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Thank you! I made another batch of jam after that, this time with cardamom, and Dutch lite pectin someone here recommended rather than Pomona, and the texture was perfect!

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The plum butter in the recipe you linked to from She Loves Biscotti looks a lot like the plum butter of my dreams. Flavor-wise, plum butter (lekvar) is in the same wheelhouse as figs and dates. Yum.

If I can get my paws on enough plums later this summer—still early for plums here—I’d like to try making a batch.

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Sliwowica !!! JK, you’ll regret it. Plum jam sounds dang fine. I love plums, though.

A favorite plum recipe and it uses a lot:


Try making tkhemali, the Georgian (country) plum sauce?
Generally, they use green ones (that sauce tends to be more sour), but there’s also a red version (which could employ the type you have): https://nofrillskitchen.com/tkemali-recipe/.