I've got a lot of plums!

I forgot about plum ketchup! Perfect!!

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Check Isolation Baking, week 11, on Gesine Bullock-Prado’s Youtube Channel. She made Pflaumkuchen - plum cake/tart - with two different styles of dough/crust. She is a gem! She’s right that ideally, you’d make this in Autumn, with Italian/damson plums, but it’s great with summer plums or apricots too.


@shrinkrap, I’m sure you’ve heard of this recipe before, The NYT original Plum Torte recipe by Marian Burros. Very easy and quick, so delicious. Visually more appealing with red or purple plums, but I’ve made it with the Green Gage, and it’s still really good.

Also, when jamming in the summer, I often mix plums half and half with strawberries and raspberries. In both cases, the berries dominate, with a nice, tart, plum undernote. I’ve mixed with blackberries as well, and while still good, I didn’t really get the blackberry flavor I was hoping for.


I don’t recall seeing the torte before, but I found it and its enticing. I was also considering some kind of bar cookie with stone fruit jam .

I need to be able to portion and freeze it in a serving size, because I’d probably be the only one eating it, and certainly don’t want to eat it all quickly. Or at least I’d rather not.

I have some large muffin tins, and might try making single servings. Sounds ambitious.

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Okay, I WANT to be able to. This is definitely how I want to spend my carbs. And potato chips.

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From the NYT Torte comments

Even better with this trick:
• Fill a six cup cupcake pan with liners.
• Fill liners evenly with batter (about 3/4 full)
• Top the 6 unbaked cupcakes with your favorite berry or berry mix and press into the batter. Don’t over fill. Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon.
• Bake @350°F for 35-40 minutes or until tops are nicely browned.
• Allow to cool and serve.

47 This is helpful

Also from NYT

Oh, I’ll have to check out her channel. She is, indeed, a gem! Thanks, grey.

Thanks everyone!

So far I have 12 cups chopped and macerating with some sugar and lemon juice. Probably going to do some jam, some butter, and/or some ketchup, and use some jam or butter in a oatmeal bar cookie of sorts.

Turns out it was two different plums, neither “freestone”.

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@shrinkrap - all sounds wonderful and let us know how they turn out.

The NYT plum recipe called for cornstarch in the jam, but I added Pomona pectin instead. Maybe too much.

I have about six more cups of macerated plums to try another way.

Cobbler bar vs jammy fruit bar recipe. Melted vs room temp butter. Rubbed or stirred.


WAPO Crumb collection

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Double batch.Added a little extra oats, and some almonds to the top layer. Into the oven for 45 minutes…

45 minutes later…Is it ready? :thinking:


Oh they look so delicious, and what a beautiful color those plums are!


A little crumbly and hard to cut the size I like, but very tasty. I hope they set up a bit more.


Looking good so far!

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Very nice. They look deliciously chewy too.

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Next time you have a lot of stone fruit pits with flesh, try simmering them in water until you get a thick syrup. I know the syrup from cherry pits has a hint of almond flavor, stone fruits being related to almonds.

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Pluots are on the way!