Tasteless Plum Rescue

I bought a pint of golden plums at a farmer’s market earlier today. Tried one at home - tasteless! Watery! Bummer!

Is there a way to salvage them in a recipe? Gimmick recipes on the 'net abound. Give me your tried & true.

I’m wondering about roasted plums, or pickled. These plums are muy bland.

I roast stone fruit often (fruit, sugar, lemon juice, a spoon or 2 of tapioca, roasted until soft ) Or make a cobbler.

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Stone fruits play very well with almond, which is their cousin. Amaretti cookies are flavored not with almonds but with apricot kernels, because of their intense amaretto taste. I would poach your plums in amaretto, or, to avoid any alcohol (though it would cook out) apricot nectar plus almond extract. Simmer down till the compote gets thick, then use it as a warm topping for ice cream, rice pudding, or pound cake. If you want to go schmancy, top with crumbled amaretti or other almond cookies.

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I would go with roasted . How many plums in a pint?

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I have 8 plums left.

Gonna try the roasting - it’s simple enough, and I have all the ingredients.

What a surprising disappointment! It had all the earmarks of greatness: locally grown, farmer’s market… but rubbish eating.

My default for black plums is Eating Well’s plum ketchup. Maybe it would work (on a smaller scale) for the golden plums as well?



Good idea! I’ve made plum ketchup as well. I need to use it more often. It would be great on the recently mentioned meatloaf.

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I will go one step more after roasting, add a bit vinegar, like a lemon, raspberry, or a sirop and some mint or verbena.


We had a lot of bum stone fruit last year - most popular uses were cobbler and crumble.

A bunch also got reduced to a saucy and concentrated compote, then eaten over ice cream or yogurt or oatmeal.

A less obvious use could be French canadian fruit ketchup - plums aren’t usual, but other stone fruit is often included - I have family there who eat lots of it with all kinds of things.


Tried and true for me with bland fruit is adding sugar and acid. You could roast, or you could pit, add sugar and lemon/lime juice, blend and turn into a sorbet/granita.