ISO Skin on bone in pork shank recipe

Me again! I bought a pork shank while I was looking for curry paste. ( I’m looking at you @gcaggiano)

It was a relatively small piece of pork WITH skin, which seemed like a great opportunity at the time, but I can only find recipes for stinco which say I should skin it!

Anybody have experience cooking fresh pork shank?

Ooooo! And a Chef Steps sous vide recipe!

And Braised and Roasted Pork Shanks With Prosciutto and Porcini Mushrooms from Epicurious, Bon Appetit.

A recipe for slow cooker pork shanks, from “Meatified; No-fluff paleo”. with a description of pork shank. I was still not sure how they are different from the non-butt end of a shoulder.
Now that I know…

Here is an Oktoberfest recipe.


German Schweinshaxe—crispy pork knuckles.


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I had a fair bit of pork leg rice in Malaysia and Thailand. It always had the skin on. That’s the way I would go.
This one looks pretty good.

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Oh I have very fond memories of eating this in Munich.

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That DOES look good, except “soft and gummy” skin might not play well with the hubs…which is why I’m always looking for small pork pieces, if its going to be “dark meat”.
And I love the way sites from other countries are so transparent about cookies and privacy settings.

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I haven’t made this one but I do enjoy almost everything I’ve made from this site.

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Me too, excellent site, well-tested recipes.


I often find myself on that site!
It sounds like the Chinese New Year might be why I stumbled on that cut, and it makes sense to try a recipe like this (long braise, Asian flavors) with it. The Thai recipe seems similar, and also seems to use a larger shank than the first recipes I found.

Though I do love crispy skin,


See Schweinehaxe with crispy skin…its my favorite meal in Germany


I had that at when I was visiting Germany on business, and it was sooo good. Huge portion though, and I couldn’t finish. Made me sad I couldn’t take it home with me. It also came with softball sized potato dumplings, and we were all amused because we ordered extra dumplings. We assumed they were more the ping pong ball sized ones we had been getting at other restaurants. We left them virtually untouched because we couldn’t stuff anymore food in us.

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One of our family’s favorite .
During engagement in the Hokkien ( Fujian )tradition , Trotters are included but the tins that are cooked with meat and skin falling off the bones are favored for convenience included as part of gifts ( fruits and cakes ) from the groom to the bride’s family, relatives and friends.
Matchmaker often says they want to eat Ti Pang if they have potential customers in mind.
The best way to prepare the canned Ti Pang is to use it as ingredient for sticky rice dumpling ( zongzi) or for stir fry rice vermicelli with added vegetables and shrimp.


Bavarian pork shanks. Braised then fried.


Oh, how I adore those rubbery Knodeln. A bit like eating a tennis ball, but I love them.

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The Knodeln are the dumplings?

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Yes. That’s the German name for them.


I’m trying to make this without another shopping trip, which would undoubtedly result in another purc, and another post.

So I’m looking for ideas for subs.

5 spice in the spice bundle instead of star anise?
Green cardamon for black?
Fresh orange peel for dried?
Pilloncillo for rock candy?

Of course, Woks of Life does a nice job of teaching about most of these.

Since I haven’t made the dish before its hard to say - but in general from what I’ve learned on that site and from cooking some asian food (casually, I’m no pro)

Green for black cardamon - I think you’ll be okay but they are different. I believe black cardamon is stronger and different in flavor and substituting the other way (black for green) is a no, no.

Fresh orange peel for dried - should be fine. I might add a little more fresh since, in my experience, the dried is a little stronger in flavor.

Rock sugar - I would think pilloncillo would be fine but I might just sub white sugar.

5 spice instead of star anise - that one is tough to say since I don’t know what the final flavor is supposed to be . . . . a purist may say no way . . . . I’d risk it :wink:

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Thank you for responding so quickly! Turns out most if not all of the whole spices are in 5 spice.

The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Sugars and Sweeteners

Sigh…no cheesecloth, and only an inch or so of ginger. I’m using a jelly bag and a bit of galangal. I’ve never used fresh galangal before (zesty!), but that and some lemongrass in my last expedition. And I’m drying some orange peel while I’m waiting for the shank to come to a boil.

Now the waiting.
Galangal vs ginger
Galangal vs ginger
Uh oh…I’m having second thoughts about the galangal.