What's For Dinner #72 - Wait, Summer Is Almost Over? Edition - August 2021

i think you’re right.

Isn’t Nora Ephron a movie director? Or is she one of those Renaissance folk that do it all - movies, cookbooks, nightclub owner, Nike spokesmodel?

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Movies and books, for sure. Also journalism.


Does yours have avocado in it?
Good idea @ChristinaM
Please share ideas for using it up!

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I wilt garlic slivers in Evoo, remove them snd add washed wet chard. Stir fry on high heat. Salt. Takes only a minute or two.


That is reminding me of this. Is a braised pork leg usually the same as a pork shank? I often get confused about the names for the front and back leg parts.

Kimchi fried rice with bacon and a fried egg.


The typical chinese pork shank that we cook for New year and for engagement parties is so good, the skin is kept on and it should readily fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. The gravy is thick ,simply DELICIOUS. Yes, you can eat it with rice and wok chow like the recipe below but another popular way of using it is with stir fry rice noodles , rehydrated mushroom which is cooked together in the braising stage and vegetables.
I have made it many times in the past but not for the last 12 years or so as my son does not like it. Although he loves lechon cooked with the skin ever so crispy, he asked me not to cook it as it is not healthy!

Growing up, there are always Chinese match maker who will say ’ IWANT TO EAT TI KAH " meaning they want to be matchmaker and if a successful match is made, they want to be rewarded with pork shank!!!
Canned pork shank is very popular and often given to the bride’s family by the groom, typically at least a dozen if not a whole case for the bride to distribute to their friends and relatives with fruits and rice cakes.
Here is a recipe .It is really really good

I think I found some canned ones also and posted it earlier today to Saregama when we had a convo about rice noodles etc. It is a brand by Narcissus. Look at my reply and the recipe for braise pork shank


Leftovers of the Ina Garten fresh tomato pasta, with the BF’s extra added touches - a little antipasti, and a salad with my Green Goddess dressing. He put a little bacon in the pasta, and i made very garlicky garlic bread with a rosemary roll. We shall not be vampire prey tonight.


Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 6.46.45 PM
More print and frame!


Peach slices in galantina
Goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms
Ratatouille with poached egg and lardo


i know, he made it like like some beautiful rose!
he’s just got the knack for plating food…


omg i want all of this… and LARDO!!! SWOON…

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this is a perfect meal.


no, but it does have anchovies.

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yes she was, but she wrote a semi-autobiographical, comedic book that was turned into the movie “heartburn” starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. The book is wonderful, VERY funny and touching (better than the movie, IMO), and includes quite a few of her recipes.

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The focus tonight is on the rice and gandules. Made with salchicon, a real game-changer instead of ham. Pretty good for an Italian, no? My BF who is Spanish cooks wonderful Italian food and I cook decent Spanish food if I do say so myself! The roasted chicken and tostones were merely the supporting cast. A nice healthy low sodium meal! :joy:

To drink was more than one Stoli on the rocks. Is it just me or do we drink more in the summer? I know the experts say that people drink more in winter because they get depressed at the cold and darkness or whatever, but for me, the summertime and hanging outside in the garden before dinner is absolutely lethal.

And while in the garden, a Praying Mantis landed on my BF’s hand. Last year, we saw one on the street near our house and brought it to our garden. Well, it must have been a pregnant female because tonight we counted three bouncing around our garden. The one pictured and two more. The original must have made its home here last year. It actually hung around for a week or so before we didn’t notice it anymore. It’s offspring has emerged. Really amazing.


Oh, wow. Yum.

Sometimes life sucks and you just need comfort food. Golden beet, celery & red onion, dressed with the mystery dressing, served on red leaf lettuce with bleu cheese and sunflower seeds. Pounded, breaded and fried blsl chicken thighs, gravy and cotc with tpstob. Plum galette and ice cream. And copious amounts of tequila.


I made an Indian feast tonight, just because.

Navratan korma, but I had to add coconut cream because it was way too salty as written. I served topped with pan-fried spiced tofu.

And chickpea curry

Plus crispy okra with mustard seed, Tajín, and Chaat masala. Over basmati rice.