Induction cookware

This may have been discussed before, but I need recs for induction cookware, specifically a large saute pan. Currently I have Demeyer and it is incredibly heavy. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to use it. I don’t like All clad. Does anyone have any recs for me? Thanks.

I have so far found the advice from centuryLife and some chowhounders to be pretty reliable for induction. Thick disc cookware in large diameters (>10") is even heating and thus usu easier to use on induction. I have both Demeyere Atlantis and Fissler Profi and like both. The Fissler Profi 5qt saute with 2 short handles is easier to sling around than the Atlantis 5qt saute. The Atlantis should be more responsive due to the Cu disc. Atlantis is bottom heavy and is more awkward if you have to use the long handle for me. There’s also Cuisinart Professional and Zwilling Prime for disc. I have no experience with either.

How large is large, in this case?

12 inches

My guess is at this size most people aren’t choosing to lift it with one hand when it’s in use. I’ve heard nothing but good about the Fissler Profi (listed as a “serving pan” on Amazon) with the two short handles - except the price of course, I can’t afford it.

I don’t see the pan you are referring to.

The ‘serving pan’ is now called a ‘roasting pan’ . Fissler appears to be phasing in a new line called ‘pure profi’. Fissler USA does has been running promotions 2-3x per year if you sign up for their newsletter. Prices are high for a lot of things right now.

This is the saute version in the new line:

My first reaction was this:

12 inches isn’t a big skillet. It’s just a skillet. grin My 16" pan is kinda big. My big wok is kinda big. There have to be a ton (actually a tonne) of choices for a regular 12" skillet.

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Ha! I but it also has high sides and is sooooo heavy!

One possibility

Another possibility

They seem unconcerned about giving consistent names for things - I end up just looking for Fissler Profi and visually judge each item to see whether it can be used as a sauté pan.

I kicked back and thought through what we have that we like. Doesn’t help with induction. The big stuff is from restaurant supply stores and is mostly aluminum. If weight is an issue induction puts you at a disadvantage. Even my covered 12" saute isn’t good on induction.

Stainless steel is inefficient but workable on induction. Cast iron is great but we’re back to weight again.

I think you’re painted into a corner by technology for it’s own sake.

Demeyere makes a ControlInduc frying pan that’s supposed to refuse to overheat on induction. I can’t find it but I know it exists.

I greatly prefer the 2-handled sautes/skillets/pots/griddles because they are easier to handle in general, even if they are heavy (6+ lb).They are also much easier to store in cabinets. I have lots of cast iron and thick disc in that category.

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Two handled sautes are limiting on the burner. I get the appeal. I wouldn’t want to give up the techniques that require a regular handle. Two handled skillets are certainly nice for stove to oven applications and as you say storage. Our 16" saute lives in the oven because we don’t have anywhere else to put it. It’s awkward to maneuver in the sink for cleaning also. For big batches of food without overcrowding I wouldn’t be without it.

I have some Swiss Diamond I really like and they now have models suitable for induction.

Hi winecountrygirl,

Take a look at Hestan nanobond. I’m exclusively induction. I have a 28 cm. skillet that is my best pan by far.


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If the pan (full) had reached a weight beyond what you could comfortably lift with one hand, this wouldn’t matter to you.

@DavidPF: Those are interesting. They would probably be much easier for me to handle. I will look into those.

Yes - I have a large skillet like that and my sink is small to begin with. That’s why I hate using it.

Oh my - I’m glad it is your favorite - at price. Thanks, Ray. You never know!!

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Hestan came out with far too much hype claiming it was better than everything else blah blah blah - but it seems like it’s as good as the competition anyway, so why not. Do compare weights, and people’s reports of handle usability and comfort, if those are issues.

(Sometimes I wonder about user error when people report oddly bad cooking performance from what should be a good pan - luckily, handle issues don’t suffer from the same problem. :slight_smile:)

Edit: Now I’m not sure if you were saying it was a good price or not so good - your post might be missing a word. Oh well, either way.

Removing long handles can sometimes allow a pan to fit in the oven when it otherwise wouldn’t have; short handles put your hands near the heat; there’s always some kind of trade-off.

In my oven, a 12-inch with a standard handle won’t fit, let alone 16.