Ideas for the Cooking board (COTM/ DOTM, etc.)?

What I miss most about CH are the cooking boards. We used to have some very knowledgeable people logging in, including chefs, to advise everyone, or discuss technique, or unusual ingredients. The cooking challenges were fun, and often pushed you out of your comfort zone.

The COTM thread is particularly depressing. I think next month is going to be Sheet Pan Suppers by Molly Gilbert. Sounds like quite a challenge.


Please don’t take what I’m about to say as snarky, but if those are the things you miss about Chow have you tried to get those conversations started here? Just curious.


I don’t get the impression that there are enough people here that are interested in cooking to pull off a cookbook month. Or I could be wrong!

Maybe we can start with a home cooking DOTM, and see how it goes? Something interesting with room for interpretation and variation.


In the infamous words of our late great President John F. Kennedy;

“_Ask not what your favorite food website can do for you, but what you can do for your favorite food website” _


In the infamous words of Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) in Field of Dreams;

_“If you post it they will come…” _


I would love to see COTM revived here, or perhaps something a little broader, like Cuisine of the Month or Cuisine of the Quarter. That might allow for broader participation across our somewhat smaller base of home cooks.


I would be interested in Dish of the month . Not very interested in cookbooks and their recipes.


I would be interested in Dish of the Month as well!


What I miss most about CH are the cooking boards.

The Home Cooking and General Discussion areas of Chowhound was really special. There was so much knowledge and love for food in one place. I don’t know of any place on the internet that even comes close at this point. I guess it’s still the best place, but a mere shadow of its former glory.

I joined CH late & witnessed some uncharitable snapping at restaurant pros who commented, but I was grateful and learned a lot. Possibly the grouchiest of the lot did not come over. . .

Many of the serious cook / posters here seem to be from South America / Europe ( e.g. What’s for Lunch, What’s for Dinner). I would love to learn more from them. Whatever the format.

Would that fit under Cuisine of the Month?

I’ve noticed that also. It’s one of the things that initially intrigued me about this site.

I’ve never run a thread before, so I’m not sure what’s involved. I’m leaning towards a DOTM for a test run, ideally a dish that exposes us to new ideas and versions from all over. Maybe meatballs, or chicken and rice. One of the things I’ve taught my son is that he can go nearly anywhere in the world and have chicken and rice. :slight_smile:

All you have to do is pick a topic and post about it. After that the thread takes on a life of its own and you never know for sure what direction it will take. I strongly encourage you to give it a try!


Ditto what notJR says. Chicken and rice is a good idea, go for it!

I’ve poked a toe into starting a thread, but I don’t understand. If the OP asks a question, is it good manners to respond to each reply? (This questions is probably a good example of bad thread org. But while we’re on the topic. . . )

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Just want to say DoTM rightly deserves its very own thread to garner attention or interest.

And please do join us on those WFD and WFL threads :beers:

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:blush:Oh, Presunto, would love to join you Food Artists but gonna hafta up my game.

Don’t worry about the part about presentation and photography. We cook and learn from each other. I think that’s far more fun and important.


I think with the case of dish of the month or such, the original poster doesn’t need to respond to everyone posting. I think it is more an interactive between everyone who is participating in the dish of the month thread that month.

I think it’s more of an impersonal thread as opposed to a thread where one specifically asks a question. In those such cases it would be polite to try to respond to people. I always have the attitude that if people take the time to respond, they deserve a response.

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I’ll start for DOTM. All votes shall be in capital letters .



(Asparagus is 1 of my spring elixirs and I eat a lot of it. In about 2 weeks time!)

Yes. . . We could start with CHICKEN AND RICE and wait on the spring veg until everyone’s caught up?

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CHICKEN AND RICE ( I’m thinking to make a Basque recipe :thinking: )

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