Winter 2020 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Think of that pot of beans on the hearth while the Mistral blows…

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I am kinda with Pilgrim…beans, legumes…stews.

Funny, I think the political/social situation will influence my vote for this quarter. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about Boston Baked Beans? Cassoulet? Frijoles Blanca or Roja? Lentils Moroccan style?

Okay. How about NORDIC? Lands of perpetual winter?

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In short, we vote a cuisine, everybody interested participates, cooks and shares during 3 months.

What we have cooked so far:

For the history, you can read here, we used to have dish of the month, but too few participation and we stopped. :frowning:

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Even better, we descend from the mountain to a bonfire cooking reindeer. :rofl:

Actually, I was talking about the strike in transport that will block me to go to food shopping. Of course, for me French is the easiest if it continues in January and beyond.

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Provençal French is my 1st Choice.

My 2nd choice would be Aegean Greek Regional …

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It’s not about a product, that would be dish of the month, which unfortunately stopped due to the lack of participation. Cuisine can be a region or a specific cooking style.

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From briny oysters to furry mountain cheeses, I like it.

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I’d love Scandinavian.

I imagine this was requested to make scanning for nominations more foolproof. But FWIW non-compliance might possibly mean that your nomination gets overlooked. Just a thought…

It was, but I noticed there are a few in lower case - I’ll be on the lookout!

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GEORGIAN would be my first choice.
Love the idea of NORDIC or SCANDINAVIAN.

USA - a melting pot of flavors and a variety depending on where you came from and where you live from sea to shining sea :us:

i believe I mentioned the following a few weeks ago:





A wonderful and colorful cuisine with amazing fresh vegetables taking center stage, for example, Ratatouile.

Have a lovely holiday season.

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