[Hong Kong] Favorite dessert, sweets collection

What are your favorite dessert, sweets dishes/ plates/ bites/ drinks in Hong Kong? Here are some to start. More to come later. Add yours!

Dai Kee (Prince Edwards) 大記攦粉糕點專門店

Black sesame pudding 芝麻糕- Fragrant black sesame with just amount of restrained sweetness

Some people like the osmanthus jelly 桂花糕 (pictured). We were only alright with it as I think the texture was too firm and the osmanthus flowers were not fragrant enough. Instead we liked the Chickpea pudding 馬豆糕 much better. Right texture with intermix between the gelatin and the beans, and the right sweetness and fragrance.

$5 each. No preservatives. Told that they are best eaten on the same day.


sck, are you still on Hong Kong time too?? :wink:

Color me boring, but a nice cold glass of Hong Kong milk tea hits the spot during/after a hot sweaty walk.

We don’t indulge in sweets much (alcohol satisfies our daily sugar requirement). That said, I was super impressed with this hot out of the oven pineapple bun with cold butter(?). One of the better bites I had earlier this year.

Does fruit count? Not the best thing I’ve ever eaten, but very interesting. Don’t even know what’s the name, do you?


That’s a passion fruit you have there, otherwise known as “baak heung guo” in Cantonese.

I much prefer fruits for my sweets too, though I do like the occasional sweet soup in HK. Really looking forward to trying new stuff when I go back. I recall this one place in Wanchai (might have just been a tiny stall) that my mom and sister would buy black sesame rolls from, and they were quite good. I didn’t go, so I can’t even offer a description.

Absolutely right on the identification.

Fun to get our fill of mangosteen/rambutan/lychee when in Asia. Those “exotic” fruits sell for a high premium here, and are not as fresh.

We’re doing a 3 week circuit of Taiwan in November. SO will definitely get her fill of wax apples. Only Taiwanese sweets I remember are pineapple cakes, will try more varieties of sweets this trip.

Yeah. Tropical fruit is definitely the way to go there. Fruits like apples, oranges, grapes got imported from temperate places like North America anyway.[quote=“Google_Gourmet, post:2, topic:6438”]
sck, are you still on Hong Kong time too?? :wink:

LOL. Definitely yes. It’d been better if the kids decide they want to sleep rather than party at 4am every day.

The mango desserts we had at Cong Sao 聰嫂星級甜品 in Causeway Bay were great:

楊枝甘露 Sweet mango soup (with tapioca)

芒果奶昔雙皮奶 Mango Milkshake with Milk Clot. The milk clot is a milk custard at the bottom of the bowl, with the cool mango cream/ milkshake on top.

The Andy Lau calligraphy on the wall was rumored to be a reproduction. The original was said to be at the main shop. Nonetheless the guy’s got some good calligraphy.

(below picture credit goes to @Rheeta_10 on Twitter)

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Same Kam Wah bun- we waited 5 minutes for them to finish baking- its too hot to eat when we got it!


We tried twice pineapple buns on this trip (just the classic one, not the version sandwiched with butter), unfortunately the first one is a disaster, the second one is ok, but not what I liked about the bun.

The first was a soft topped and hard bread (leftover from yesterday?!), bought in a metro bakery Yamazaki, better avoid this chain.

The second is from my egg tart favorite, Honolulu, their bun is special, very airy bread, and very light but crispy top. I have ate ones with substantial crispy top and I liked it like that more.

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Lin Heung Teahouse’s walnut and almond cookies. Each pack has 6 cookies in it. The lard gives the cookies a light, flakey, crunchy texture. At $12 and $16 a pack, they are a steal compared to other brands’ overpackaged equivalent.

I got these from their stand at the lobby of the Wharny Guang Dong Hotel (where Seventh Son is) in Wanchai. Opens till 11pm.


One of my favourite, the black sesame soup. This one we tasted in Causeway Bay’s Xiao Tian Gu was so so, the sesame taste was a bit pale…watered down…

The matcha tea waffle with matcha ice-cream and French toast with some red bean. It was not a traditional dessert, funny to mix everything up, why not?! The result was quite ok.

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Mid autumn festival, we were roaming from Wanchai to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.

Some pop up stalls in the park, where we bought some banana cakes and chicken biscuit. Don’t let the name fool you, the suckling pig shape cake was called chicken biscuit, sometimes as baked pork cake, and it was a type of cookie sweet in taste, no meat inside.


I like egg tarts - either Cantonese ones or Macanese ones.

  1. Tai Cheong - perennial favourite.

  1. Lord Stow’s.
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I am curious, do they only make their natas in the Coloane location or in other Macau locations as well?

I should think they make the tarts in a central plant, then ship them off to various retail outlets. I’ve had Lord Stow’s tarts in HK and Manila, the Philippines, even - and they tasted just the same as the ones in Coloane.

Considering that it takes hours to fly the tarts overseas, get picked up and shipped from the airport, and to do it without the pastry getting soft is quite impressive.

I’m surmising the tarts are not fully-baked through, frozen/chilled before transport, then baked to finish at the destination.


Hong Kong style bakery

Kwan Hong Bakery 均香餅店
G/F, 205 Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Signature: Gai zap beng 雞仔餅, Chinese Shortbread 江蘇餅

San Lung Cakeshop 生隆餅家
G/F, 68 Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Signature: peanut mochi 花生糯米糍 、sesame seed-coated cake 燒餅

G/F, 197 Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Signature: wife cake 老婆餅、preserved egg pastry 皮蛋酥、walnut cookie 合桃酥

Tai Tung Bakery 元朗大同老餅家
G/F, No. 57, Fo Choi Street, Yuen Long, New Territories
Signature: Mixed nuts mooncake 伍仁月餅

Wing Wah 榮華餅家
Various shops in HK

Kee Wah Bakery 奇華餅家
Various shops in HK

Shiu Heung Yuen Bakery鯉魚門紹香園
Various shop in HK

Leiyuemun Shui Heung Yuen Bakery 瑞香園餅家 (Highly recommended)
G/F, 41C Lei Yue Mun Praya Road, Lei Yue Mun, New Territories
Signature: wife cake 老婆餅,Gai zap beng 香脆雞仔餅,egg roll 蛋卷,phoenix egg roll 鳳凰卷,coconut milk ball 椰子堆,walnut cookie 合桃酥,sesame cookie 芝麻餅,egg white cake 加蛋餅

Yan Lee Cake Shop 仁利餅家
G/F., 102 Kwan Tei, Fanling, New Territories
Signature: Lotus pastry 蓮蓉酥、Lotus thousand egg pastry鹹蛋蓮蓉酥、wife cake 老婆餅, Gai zap beng 雞仔餅
Mooncakes baked with charcoal oven 炭烤月餅 (Highly recommended, need to place order beforehand for the mooncakes)

Koi Kei Bakery Macao 鉅記餅家
A1, 1-7 Pak Sha Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Lei Yue Mun used to have a lot of bakeries, like 20 of them, now there are only 5 of them left.