HOdown at Drew’s in Keyport Jan. 26th 4pm

This is going to be a good one folks. If anyone hasn’t been to Drew’s, I can assure you that this will be worth the price of admission! This will be an all out feast with bold flavors from one of my favorite chefs. I look forward to seeing some good friends and meeting some new ones. Hopefully Drew can come out and snap a pic with our crew :slight_smile:



Thank you all for your hard work in pulling this off. I can’t wait!


Circumstances have changed - myself and my +1 must regrettably cancel.

Thanks for the early heads-up, Wayne. I do have someone on the waiting list so I’ll let him know.

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Hope to make it to the next one! Goin to be on vacation during this, gotta escape the weather!


Hey! Two questions… Did the menu change from 50$-65$? Or is the 65 including everything?

Also, are there open spots?

I really want to go to this one but I got some financial difficulties right now… decisions decisions. :confused:

65 includes the tip so you’re all in at that price. It’s not cheap but considering the amout of food and the quality, I think you will like it. However, I truly understand money doesn’t grow on trees. Let me see what kind of scheme I can come up with for you lol :smile:

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Maybe I should start a gofundme! haha

I’ve been to Drews a few times, always a great time there. I just hate missing out on epic meals like this!!

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Joon, I’m pretty sure we have one spot available, so please keep us posted. Thx!

@joonjoon I’ve confirmed that we do have a seat available, so just let me know what you decide.

Tried Drew’s last night. What a wonderful treat. You are all in for a great food experience.

My only complaint - if it can even be called that - was the problem we had finding the door. If you arrive after dark you’ll see what I mean. Have faith - it is there.

Enjoy your meals.


Nice! What did you have?

I had the Empanada special, the NY strip, and the Beignets for dessert. My wife had oysters to start, the house salad, the salmon special, and the chocolate/pretzel tart for dessert.

Everything was exactly as it should have been.


Folks, we need to lock down our final count for Drew’s… here’s the current RSVP list:

@paryzer (2)
@CurlzNJ (1)
@seal (1)
@MsBean (1)
@FoodSnob (2)
@BossaNova (2)
@corvette_johnny (1)

Due to a few changes/cancellations, we’re now at 10 and can accommodate two more people, so if you’ve been waiting to say yes, today’s the day to do it!

I’m still in. It’s BYOB, right?

Yes! BYO for sure . And i’ll remind you all again to please bring cash if you can… $65 per person includes the tip.

I’m bringing bitcoin :smile:

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BYOB - Bring Your Own Bitcoin

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God luck everyone. Have a great meal at one of this board fav spots. Looking red to jr’s karaoke story surely to follow.